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Lamont Brightful
CB Baltimore Ravens

From 2003 until 2003 cornerback Lamont Brightful had two fantastic seasons at the Baltimore Ravens while beeing on 28 games including four in a starting role when he had made four tackles.

From the Baltimore Ravens he went south to the Miami Dolphins, but there he had made it on the team only for 2 games.

Then in 2005 Lamont Brightful went up again to the New York Giants where he did not make it on any game.

Back in 2005 Lamont Brightful had scored a superb TD with a stunning 85 yards kickoff return against the Centurions.

Photo from Baltimore Ravens Lamont Brightful

CB Lamont Brightful Ravens


Lamont Brightful vs. Rhein Fire 2005
Video 1
Video 2

Lamont Brightful vs. Cologne Centurions 2005
Video 1
Video 2

Photo from Baltimore Ravens Lamont Brightful

Lamont Brightful Giants

Born on January 29, 1979 in Oak Harbor, WA
College: Eastern Washington
Height: 5-10
Weight: 160/P>


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