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Scottish Claymores
Team and players 2001

Gene Dahlquist became the new head coach and the Claymores did finish the season in 4rth place with 4 wins and 6 losses at Hampden Park.

Dante Hall became the most prominent NFL player after the season while none of those various Dallas Cowboys did get too far in the NFL.

Scottish Claymores team 2001

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Scottish Claymores videos

Game video

Claymores vs. Rhein Fire

Scottish Claymores 2001 at Rhein Fire


Photo from QB Clint Stoerner

QB Clint Stoerner

Quarterback Clint Stoerner and TE James Whalen had been a great show, that was allocated to the Claymores by the Dallas Cowboys.

QB Gus Ornstein

Photo Gus Ornstein

Quarterback Gus Ornstein did not receive much time to impress and also his NFL career had remained fairly limited.

Born on November 23 in 1974
College: Rowan
Height: 6-4
Weight: 230

OT Chris Watton

Photo from Chris Watton

Tackle Chris Watton has played for Colorado Crush from 2006 until 2009.

Born on October 6 in 1977 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
College: UCLA
Height: 6-3
Weight: 290

RB Anthony Gray

Photo from Anthony Gray

Running back Anthony Gray was flirting with the Eagles before he went to the Claymores.

Born on April 9 in 1978
College: Western New Mexico
Height: 6-0
Weight: 228

LB Jamal Brooks

Photo from Jamal Brooks Rams

Jamal Brooks had been with the St. Louis Rams for the 2006 NFL season and from 2001 until 2003 he had been on 16 games for 26 tackles at the the Dallas Cowboys.

Born on November 9, 1976 in Grenada Hills, CA
College: Hampton
Height: 6-2
Weight: 238

S Reggie Hunt

Photo from Reggie Hunt

Reggie Hunt has played for many Canadian teams such as the Edmomton Eskimos.

Born on October 14, 1977 in Denson, Texas
College: Texas Christian
Height: 5-11
Weight: 207

S Doug Miller

Photo from Doug Miller

Doug Miller was under evaluation at the Falcons, but in the end he didn't make it after he had scored 3 tackles, 1 assist and half a sack at Rhein Fire.

Born on October 12 in 1975
College: Howard
Height: 6-3
Weight: 281

T Jay Humphrey

Jay Humphrey

Jay Humphrey had spent the 1999 NFL season with the Minnesota Vikings.

Born in Dallas, TX on June 20 in 1976
College: Texas
Height: 6-6
Weight: 313

T John Jacobs

John Jacobs

John Jacobs had earned himself a spot at the 2001 Kansas City Chiefs.

Born on December 1 in 1972
College: Baker
Height: 6-5
Weight: 335



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