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Scottish Claymores
at Rhein Fire 1999

22,171 NFL Europe fans saw how the Claymores with qb Dameyune Craig got demolished by a furious Rhein Fire with 37–6 after thefirst game at Murrayfield Stadium was won by the Scottish team with 21–20.

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Game video

Claymores vs. Rhein Fire

Scottish Claymores 1999 at Rhein Fire


Scottish Claymores 1999 dance


Head coach Jim Criner

Photo from Jim Criner

Jim Criner has been the head coach of the Scottish Claymores 1999.

Jim Criner photos and video interview

Photo from Claymores vs. Rhein Fire 1999

Claymores vs. Rhein Fire 1999

Back in 1999 Claymores qb Dameyune Craig and Rhein Fire running back Kenny Bynum were the most spectacular performers on the field.

Photo Derrick Clark Broncosnext button

RB Derrick Clark

Running back Derrick Clark was also doing serious damage to the Claymores and perhaps he had been the most popular player of all times at Rhein Fire. But in the NFL he could not get too far when the Denver Broncos had kept an eye on him.

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QB Dameyune Craig

Photo from Dameyune Craig Panthers

Quarterback Dameyune Craig has very much impressed in Europe and in the NFL he had been with the Carolina Panthers for 4 seasons.

Dameyune Craig photos and info



RB Kenny Bynum

Photo Kenny and Bynum Jim Arellanes

Running back Kenny Bynum from the Charger had been a show and also qb Jim Arellanes had performed extremely well to defeat the Claymores.

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WR Yo Murphy

Photo from Yo Murphy WR Rams

Except for one superb punt return also the great NFL WR Yo Murphy from the Rams couldn`t get going against the highly concentrated Fire defense with Tyrone Williams, Walter Scott, Kerry Joseph and several other top guns.

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WR Kevin Drake

Photo from Kevin Drake

Receiver Kevin Drake didn't look to pleased with the score, but a year later he was winning the World Bowl when playing for the Rhein Fire against the Claymores.

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