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Berlin Thunder season 2005

Berlin Thunder
vs. Rhein Fire 2005

Despite the pouring rain some 16.695 fans had come out to the impressive Olympic Stadium to see the Berlin Thunder game.

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Berlin Thunder @ Rhein Fire 2005

Only 1 field 35 yards field goal from Nicholas Setta during the entire second half had not been enough to defeat the Berlin Thunder who took the game with 24:15

QB Dave Ragone

Dave Ragone

After the win Thunder quarterback Dave Ragone from the Texans had plenty of time and patience for the junior fans of the team. In the game he achieved a rating of 78,7 with 13 from 26 passes completed for 138 yards and 1 TD.

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QB Scott McBrien

Scott McBrien

Quarterback Scott McBrien completed 7 from 24 pass attempts for 120 yards and 1 TD. Also 1 interception went into the book, which revealed a qb rating of 44.4.

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RB Joe Smith

Joe Smith

Impressive at Rhein Fire had been once again Titans RB hope Joe Smith with a solid 27 carries for 167 yards.

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RB John Flowers

John Flowers

Little John Flowers from the New York Jets gave his fans a very fine 57 yards TD when Rhein Fire safety Keyon Nash was not been able to stop him.

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WR Aaron Boone

Aaron BooneReceiver Aaron Boone had been the offense player of the game with 1 TD a 8 catches for 112 yards and 1 TD.

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RB Cal Murray

Cal Murray

Running back Cal Murray from the San Diego Chargers had shown a fine 24 yards TD run and he was the best rusher for the Berlin Thunder.




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