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Berlin Thunder season 2002

Berlin Thunder
@ Rhein Fire 2002

32.000 Fans had come out on a sunny Sunday afternoon to see the team of the reigning champion Berlin Thunder and some impressive forthcoming starters for the Oakland Raiders such as Tim Johnson and Terdell Sands.

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photo QB Todd Husak

QB Todd Husak pre-game interview 2002

photo Peter Vaas

Peter Vaas pre-game interview
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Berlin Thunder at Rhein Fire 2002

Many turnovers and no points were seen during the second quarter and the time of possession had clearly spoken for the visiting team: Thunder: 38:30 - Fire: 21:30

But the Fire had been more efficient to win the game by 24-14.

DT Terdell Sands

Photo from Terdell Sands

Oakland Raiders top gun Terdell Sands and Freddie Moore from the Cincinnati Bengals had stormed with a lot of confidence into the Arena.

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QB Todd Husak

Photo from Todd Husak

Quarterback Todd Husak from the New York Jets had been a target for Atlanta Falcon Brandon Miller. Overall Todd Husak was able to impress with 28 from 46 passes completed for 285 yards, 2 TDs and 3 interceptions

Brandon Miller had shown 3 tackles and 2 Assists.

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QB Tim Hasselbeck

Tim Hasselbeck

Quarterback Tim Hasselbeck from the Eagles completed all of his 7 passes for 44 yards to take the Thunder up to a remarkable score of 329 yards while their opponent was held down to as little as 94 yards.

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QB Tee Martin

Tee Martin

Raiders quarterback Tee Martin did rush for 1 yard with 2 attempts and he completed 10 from his 16 pässes for 94 Yards after QB Romario Miller had thrown for over 200 yards in the week before.

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LB Tim Johnson

LB Tim Johnson

Linebacker Tim Johnson from the Oakland Raiders had made the All-NFL Europe team in 2002 what did open the gate to a long career in the NFL

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RB Jamal Robertson

RB Jamal Robertson

After only 4 minutes 49ers RB Jamal Robertson had come up with a 4 TD yards run and also Kicker Manni Burgsmueller was able to complete his mission. In fact Jamal Robertson had been the sharpest weapon with 14 attempts for 108 Yards and 1 TD.

Jamal Robertson photos and video interview

DB Jordan Younger

Jordan Younger

Jordan Younger had produced the action of the day with his giant 81 Yards Kick-Off Return, which was supported by some great blocking action.

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RB Anthony White

RB Anthony White

Running back Anthony White from Arizona Cardinals was enjoying the wild Fire atmosphere.

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WR Dane Looker

WR Dane Looker

Receiver Dane Looker from the Rams was able to convert a 14 yards pass from Todd Husak to equalize for 14:14 and with 12 catches for 100 yards he had been the best on the field.

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G Derrick Chambers

Derrick Chambers

Offensive tackle Derrick Chambers did come from the Jaguars to protect the quarterbacks.

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DT Bill Duff

DT Bill Duff

Thunder had tackle Bill Duff from the Cleveland Browns and national player Lelan Brickus on the case.

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