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Cologne Centurions games on photos and videos

Cologne Centurions
at Rhein Fire 2006

Also the last game of the season was lost by 21–10 in front of 28,334 fans.

Centurions vs. Rhein Fire videos

Cologne Centurions

Game day coverage
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Photos by Conny Hudalla
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Centurions at Rhein Fire 2006

The Cologne Centurions had claimed a possession time of 27:58 what gave the Rhein Fire 5 minutes more with 32:02.

Centurions offense

Centurions offense 2006

Quarterback Shane Boyd had completed 7 from 13 passes for 97 yards in addition to 45 rushing yards, what gave him a 78.0 qb rating, which was the second best on the field. All together the Centurions offence had gained 291 net yards with 58 plays compared to 341 yards with 57 plays.


Fire defense

Rhein Fire defense 2006Obviously the Fire defense had been in a good mood after 43 tackles and 2 sacks had gone on their records.

Very impressive was LB Terrence Robinson with 7 tackles and 1 assist as the best defender on the field.



CB Ronyell Whitaker

Ronyell Whitaker Cornerback Ronyell Whitaker from the Minnesota Vikings had shown 2 tackles and 1 pass defense during the match.

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TE Aaron Halterman

Aaron HaltermanTight end Aaron Halterman was allocated by the Houston Texans, but after the season the Miami Dolphins had wanted him. During the game against the Centurions he had rushed for 25 yards.

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RB Fred Russel

Fred RusselRunning back Fred Russel from the Rams had shown 2 carries for 31 yards. Overall the Centurions offense had as little as little as 152 net rushing yards compared to 211 from Rhein Fire.

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WR Reggie Newhouse

Reggie NewhouseReceiver Reggie Newhouse from the Arizona Cardinals had shown 2 receptions for 29 yards.

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DE Otis Grigsby

Otis Grigsby Vikings

Defensive end Otis Grigsby from the Minnesota Vikings and the Panthers had shown 3 tackles during the game.

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WR Brian Bratton

Brian Bratton

Receiver Brian Bratton from the Ravens had shown 2 receptions for 39 yards and 3 kickoff returns for 42 yards.

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