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Indradevi from Los Angeles

They came to Cambodia to perform at the Equinox club in Phnom Penh before the local heroes from Dub Addiction were taking over the stage.

And one has to say, that their sound was great and that their look is spectacular and well fitting into the urban Asian environment of Phnom Penh city.

IInteresting had been a special string instrument while the hightlight track of their set had certainly been the "Joker Smoker" drum n bass version of Triston Palmer's 1982 hit.

Meanwhile Indradevi has also released a fine album with the title "Thousand Tomorrows", which is highly recommended to drum n' bass lovers, who have a passion for Asian elements.

Indradevi live
Concert video

photo Indradevi drum n'bass

Indradevi drum n'bass

 photo Indradevi drum n'bass

Indradevi drum n'bass


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