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UK DJs in Germany

Prime djs like Peter D Rose from Smith & Mighty, Moloko tour DJ Winston Hazel, MC Al Zinger and BBC's top gun DJ Gilles Peterson had been busy alongside the old Louie Austen from Austria, who had turned the floor into a boiling stampede.

In between all that sexy noize a lot of interesting talks about music, sounds and legends, roots & culture, MP3, soccer and tons of other topics had gone on video.

Watch and listen to what MC Al Zinger, Gilles Peterson, Peter D. Rose and Winston Hazel had to say.

DJ Video

Peter D. Rose

UK DJs live on stage

Zinger, Peterson, D. Roose

Dazu auch die Fußball WM Kommentare


DJs meet Football

Some DJ comments had gone into Britain`s biggest worry of 2002, the Football World Cup.



photo Gilles Peterson and Peter D. Rose

Gilles Peterson and Peter D. Rose

The huge CPD fashion trade fair had invited models, exhibitors, fashionists and media to the best party in town and Peter D. Rose from the Smith & Mighty camp in Bristol and Gilles Peterson had pumped out some real funky scorchers.

photo Gilles Peterson

UK DJ Gilles Peterson

DJ Gilles Peterson with his friend MC Al Zinger and a fashionable mic on his sleeve.

Also MolokoTour DJ Winston Hazel had given a great set in Duesseldorf.


photo Gilles Peterson Winston Hazel


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