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Barry Stokes
OT Detroit Lions

Barry Stokes had ended his enormous NFL career in 2007 after two seasons at the Detroit Lions after a total of 88 games of which he had started in 44.

Back in 1999 the Oakland Raiders had sent him to the Claymores from where he went on to the Green Bay Packers until season 2001, where his first start had been in week 5, when he replaced the injured left tackle Chad Clifton.

Season 2002 Barry Stokes moved on to the Cleveland Browns.

The New York Giants and the Atlanta Falcons were his next stops until he went for a second stint at the Detroit Lions.

Photo from OT Barry Stokes

OT Barry Stokes Lions

Barry Stokes vs Rhein Fire 1999

OT Barry Stokes Patriots

Born in Flint, Michigan on December 20, 1973
College: Idaho
Height: 6-4
Weight: 310



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