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Totally Pompous !
German Designer Fashion

Countless cameras, an impressive guest list and an overwhelming amount of exciting new Fashion could be a brief summary of the latest Pompoes Gala.

But truly speaking, Pompoeoes is a lot more, than just another new label, designed by regular marketing experts. And meeting Harald Gloeckler and Dieter Schroth was like running into the future of Fashion, perhaps in the year 3004, when it will all start again.

Both are in it with everything they have and for sure they "live" Pompoes, which results in some absolutely unique and fully alive Fashion, that seems to reflect themselves and their entire live.

Harald Gloeckler "is" Fashion, Art, Zeitgeist, Feeling and high class Entertainment.

Born in a year of the Snake like Casanova, John F. Kennedy, Ghandi or a Dr. Dre, he`s got the same hypnotic talents to move the crowds with his seductive work and creations.

Wisdom and greatest observation abilities enable him to be one of the new global artists, who can give Fashion a whole lot of new input.

Trends are created down in the street and Harald Gloeckler is surely able to feel and see them long before others do and with the freedom of a true artist he is then able to turn them into exciting fashion. In terms of music he feels free enough to mix Marylin Manson with opera, which might be a symbol for no boundaries and giving his arts the chance to be a reflection of his own feelings to remain true.


Pompoes Fashion videos

Pompoeoes Fashion Show

Watch the Pompoeoes Fashion Shows and an interview with Pompoes designer Harald Gloeckler.

CPD Show 1

With Brigitte Nielsen on the catwalk

Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3

Brigitte Nielsen Video

CPD Show 2

Interview with Pompoes designer Harald Gloeckler

Interview and show highlights

Full Show & Interview
Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4

Harald Gloeckler Graffiti


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Pompoes @ the CPD

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Harald Gloeckler

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Photo Pompoes fashion show

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