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Sonja Kiefer
Fashion from Germany

"Being dressed without being overdressed" has always been the main message of German top designer Sonja Kiefer.

Sonja Kiefer has left a partnership with Blacky Dress and is expanding from Munich also into the Middle East, which has emerged as a prime market for her.

Her fashion is fully on point comforting the feel of a modern body conscious woman.

Sonja Kiefer reflects the young urban feel with a fully streetsmart and sexy collection, which simply ignores barriers between couture and sportswear.

Over 150 stores all around the world offer SK Fashion to clients such as Janet Jackson who is also having fun with her fine suggestions.

Sonja Kiefer Videos

Sonja Kiefer Fashion Show

Summer 2001
Interview video

Winter 2002
Fashion Show video

Summer 2004
Collection video

Interview 2003

Summer 2003
cpd Fashion show video

Winter 2001
Show video

Summer 2001
Fashion Show video

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Sonja Kiefer designer fashion

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Sonja Kiefer

Also car manufacturer BMW is among the design clients of Sonja Kiefer.

Sonja Kiefer

Photo Sonja Kiefer Mode

Designer fashion at it's finest so that even many celebrities want to show up in outfits, that were created by Sonja Kiefer.





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