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Fashion in Russia

In 2014 the outlook on Fashion in Russia had turned dismal after Western governments had decided to launch another political ice age in conjunction with the Ukrainian Russian dispute among former "socialist brothers".

In fact countless jobs and businesses within the fashion industry have gotten heavily jeopardized also through the devaluation of the Russian Rubel and the low oil price, which is hitting the Russian economy badly.

Before the European and Russian members of the garment industry have been able to develop many successful collaborations and partnerships, which are now seeing their probably most difficult times.

One may hope, that at least Germany will be able to return to the quality of politicians, that was shown by former chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and his foreign secretary Joschka Fischer, who had helped a lot, to pave the way for creative business men like Igedo CEO Manfred Kronen and Dutch textile trader Jan Stam, who both have demonstrated, that fashion is able to build bridges and to cross borders.

Russian Designer Fashion shows

Cyrille Gassiline

Cyrille Gassiline Fashion show

Sensual feminine Russian designer fashion comes from Cyrille Gassiline

Fashion show video and photos

Victoria Sawateeva

Victoria Sawateeva Fashion Show videos

See some superb Russian Designer Fashion from Victoria Sawateeva
Fashion show videos, photos and story

Lilia Poustovit

Lilia Poustovit Fashion from Russia

Lilia Poustovit presents finest Designer Fashion from the Ukraine
Video and photos

Olga Samoschenko

Photo Olga Samoschenko Fashion Show

Olga Samoschenko is another great Russian designer talent.
Fashion show video

Lena Tsokalenko

photo Designer Fashion from Lena Tsokalenko

Designer Fashion Show from Lena Tsokalenko from Russia.

Fashion show video

Zlava Zaitsev

Fashion Zlava Zaitsev

Zlava Zaitsev is perhaps the best known Russian fashion designer outside the country.

Fashion show video


CPM Fashion trade fair Moscow

CPM Fashion trade fair Moscow

Right now the CPM is suffering a lot from Western politics, though it seems obvious, that the Russians and the Ukrainians will return back to normal sooner or later.

Back in the days it had been a gold digger atmosphere in Moscow where fashion stores were mushrooming as described by former CPM and CPD owner Manfred Kronen in some of his video interviews.

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Fashion for and from Russia

Jan Stamm Fashion Russia

Dutch textile trader Jan Stam has been expanding into Russia since 20 years alongside several leading European Fashion brands.

At the same time he is helping Russian fashion designers to gain access to the European markets at the CPD fashion trade fair.


Video interview

van Laack in Russia

Christian von Daniels van Laack Christian von Daniels has bought one of the finest global brands for quality shirts back in 2002 and since then the International expansion also into Russia had been impressive with now revenues exceeding 57 million Euros.

Video interview

Fashion for Russia

Baeumler AG

Kapraun from Italy, Baeumler from Germany and the Dutch Lorenzo group with Jaguar were on interested in selling their fashion products in Russia.

Video interviews


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