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Sadly enough it wasn't possible to get more photos from all the Hamburg Sea Devils games, but at least those two matches against Rhein Fire were covered.

Hamburg Sea Devils 2007

@ Frankfurt Galaxy

Already the fist game in Frankfurt was almost won by the Sea Devils.

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Hamburg Sea Devils 2006

@ Rhein Fire

It was a hard fought game with a final phase, that drove Jack Bicknell wild.

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Hamburg Sea Devils 2005

@ Cologne Centurions

The very first game ever was lost by only one point.

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@ Rhein Fire

Pete Kuharchek had needed a win badly after 9 losses.

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Photo from the Hamburg Sea Devils at Rhein Fire

Hamburg Sea Devils

It only took the Sea Devils three seasons to win the World Bowl and to pull some decent crowds into the AOL Arena in Hamburg with often over 20.000 fans supporting their new team.

Various other NFL Europe teams had been dreaming of of such an audience for a long long time.


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