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Tyson Clabo
OT Falcons / Dolphins / Texans

In 2005 Tyson Clabo was sent to Europe by his first NFL team, the Denver Broncos, but after his Europe excursion the Atlanta Falcons had gotten hold of him for 7 seasons and he went to start in 101 games for them.

In 2013 the Miami Dolphins had wanted him to start in 15 games and his last NFL season had been with the Houston Texans in 2014 for 15 games.

OT Tyson Clabo

OT Tyson Clabo

No other Hamburg Sea Devils player had more starts in the NFL.

Tyson Clabo video

Tyson Clabo at Rhein Fire

OT Tyson Clabo

Tyson Clabo

Born in Knoxville, TN on November 17 in 1981
College: Wake Forest
Height: 6-6
Weight: 315



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