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World Bowl 2002
Thunder vs. Fire

And once again Jerry Jones had made it sure, that his Dallas Cowboys were welcoming at least one World Bowl winner.

His "termite" Keith Adams and Dwayne Missouri were defending for the Berlin Thunder while Tony Taylor and Alcender Jackson were at work for the Rhein Fire.

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World Bowl 2001

Fire Thunder vs. Thunder
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Todd Husak 2002

QB Todd Husak interview

Keith Adams Dallas Cowboys

LB Keith Adams interview

Dwayne Missouri 2002

DE Dwayne Missouri interview

Al Jackson 2002

G Al Jackson interview

RB Tony Taylor 2002

RB Tony Taylor interview


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Dane Looker @ World Bowl 2002

Tackle Jeff Miller and MVP Dane Looker were in a brilliant mood after the second TD had been secured while Rhein Fire cornerback Adrian Sadler had already given up during the first touchdown as he wasn't simply fast enough.

QB Tim Hasselbeck

Tim Hasselbeck Redskins

Quarterback Tim Hasselbeck had his best time at the Washington Redskins in 2003 when starting the team in 5 games scoring 5 TDs. In the World Bowl Tim Hasselbeck had completed 2 from 4 passes for 24 yards.

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DE Dwayne Missouri

Dwayne Missouri Dallas Cowboys

Dwayne Missouri had been a solid factor at Berlin Thunder 2002 and one early interception against Tee Martin had helped his team a lot. Back home at the Dallas Cowboys he had been on two NFL games.

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LB Keith Adams

photo Keith Adams Cowboys

Linebacker Keith Adams from the Dallas Cowboys had played a brilliant season at Berlin Thunder and then he was moved to the Eagles, where he had been a great contributor when helping the team into Super Bowl.

Keith Adams video interview, photos, info

K Danny Boyd Jaguars

Danny Boyd Jaguars

Kicker Danny Boyd from the Jacksonville Jaguars had been a solid bank for Berlin Thunder when he did score three field goals including one from a 47 yd distance.

At the Jaguars Danny Boyd had converted 5 from 5 field goal attempts during his 4 games in season 2001.

RB Anthony White

RB Anthony White Cardinals

Running back Anthony White from the Arizona Cardinals had rushed for 70 yards with 20 attempts.

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RB Tony Taylor

photo Tony Taylor RB

Running back Tony Taylor from the Dallas Cowboys had scored a TD with a 6 yd run and overall it became visible, that the Berlin Thunder defense didn't allow that much productivity.

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WR Scott Cloman

WR Scott Cloman

Wide receiver Scott Cloman had converted a 2 yd pass from his quarterback Tee Martin into a touchdown.

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