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African Music & Super Bowl

"Youssou N'Dour is the King" had been one of the clear statements delivered by Branford Marsalis when being asked about his feelings for African Music.

Most obviously the charismatic singer from Senegal had been one of his most impressive discoveries within the wide range of what African Music is offering in these days.

Another sound that had caught his ears and interest were the Burundi Drummers while the more popular and highly contemporary Highlife Music from Ghana falls with him under the category of shake ya beauty pop dance music which seems to be a bit too simple in terms of structures that could impress him a lot.

Obviously important is his observation on how well music has been integrated into the social structures within all parts of African life where every kid seems to be capable of playing at least some drums.

Instead, America is having Super Bowl, one of the largest events in the world with around 250 million people watching it on TV.

Branford Marsalis prides loving Football since he has played it as well. That's why he didn't sound that much pleased about event crazy Americans who of course are watching the Super Bowl, but won't remember the teams and score two weeks after the match.



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Branford Marsalis

In Duesseldorf Branford Marsalis had also touched some African phrases during his Sunday set.


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