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xess + baba Swiss Fashion

The innovative xess + baba Label from Switzerland stands for sportive and colorful fashion.

In addition xess + baba stand out for zooming in on sustainability at all levels of their fashion production line as explained on their website.

Swiss Fashion videos

xess + baba

Fashion designer xess + baba

Swiss xess + baba stand for the innovative side of Swiss designer fashion.
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Swiss Designers

Fashion designer Kazu Huggler

But also several other young Swiss designers are expanding rapidly.
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Xess + Baba Fashion Show

xess + baba

photo xess + baba Swiss Fashion Show Swiss Fashion by xess + baba had been a regular highlight at the CPD trade fair in Duesseldorf.

xess + baba

photo xess + baba Swiss Fashion Show

Lively fashion shows have helped to get buyers interested.


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