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Hakan Yildirim
Fashion from Turkey

Impressive to see, how far Hakan Yildirim and other Turkish designers have been pushing the limits in their home country, which has become widely known for it's conservative policies on morals and religious matters.

Hakan Yildirim Fashion videos

Hakan Yildirim Fashion Show

Another great show at the CPD came from Turkey's top designer Hakan Yildirim.
Fashion Show video

Fashion show 2002
Fashion Show video

Fashion Show 2003
Fashion Show video

Hakan Yildirim Fashion
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Hakan Yildirim designer fashion

Photo Hakan Yildirim Fashion
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Hakan Yildirim

Obviously the Turkish designer fashion from Hakan Yildirim has done a lot for the emancipation of women in Turkey.

Hakan Yildirim

Photo Hakan Yildirim

Middle East Fashion is certainly having it's very own oriental face, which has helped in particular Hussein Chalayan to get establihed in London.


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