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Time to enjoy a look at NFL legends such as Super Bowl winner Mark Schlereth, some outstanding GMs, TV analysts and hard working League officials.

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NFL Players

Mark Schlereth

Very exceptional was Super Bowl winner Mark Schlereth.

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Tom Nutten

Very exceptional was Rams" Super Bowl winner Tom Nutten.

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Guy McIntyre

On the field with Joe Montana had been Guy McIntyre writing serious history for his 49ers.

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Gene Upshaw

So very active for the players was Oakland Raiders Gene "Uptown" Upshaw.

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John Beake

John Beake was one of the NFL Europe godfathers with a huge tradition as the GM of the Denver Broncos.

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Carl D. Peterson

Carl D. Peterson was working over 20 years as the GM of the Kansas City Chiefs, what reads like an eternity and interesting to hear it from him.

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NFL Officials

Doug Quinn

The Senior Vice-president and Managing Director of NFL International Doug Quinn had often come to Europe to push the expansion of the League.

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Oliver Luck

From father to son, pure qb genes as shown by former NFL Europe president Oliver Luck and his son Andrew at the Colts.

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NFL media

Nick Halling

Yhere was no NFL Europe game day without the incredible Nick Halling, who is perhaps one of the finest TV presenters around Europe.

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Dan Miller

Another highly competent presenter had been Dan Miller from Fox.

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Jack Reader

Jack Reader Super Bowl I

Jack Reader had been a referee at Super Bowl I and Super Bowl III.

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Paul Tagliabue

Paul Tagliabue

Under commissioner Paul Tagliabue the NFL had seen some vast growth and a fine expansion into Europe.

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