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Scooter was flown in by helicopter for a brief 10 minute playback appearance at Rhein Fire vs. Frankfurt Galaxy and they´ve had at least 3 minutes patience for a short Q & A about their musical background.

Privately they love to hear anything on the radio and what has been most interesting as a new discovery to them was something from the Mayday Techno Festival that they`ve tried to interpret with the words " like a shifted beat" :-)

But big musical changes aren´t any likely to happen and apart from that, the guys are real true soccer fans of Werder Bremen and the German National Team.

Scooter Videos

Live on Fire
Video 1
Video 2

Interview in German

The videos were streamed in 1999 for 56k modems in low quality resolution


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Rick J. Jordan Scooter

Scooter founder Rick J. Jordan.

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Michael Simon Scooter

The Scooter keyboarders embedded into the Rhein Fire Cheerleaders, the Pyromaniacs.

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Scooter live on stage



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