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Over the years the German Band Scooter from Bremen has managed to find loads of fans around Europe and elsewhere.

Especially in Eastern Europe they have become very popular.

Scooter Videos

Live on Fire
Video 1
Video 2

Interview in German

The videos were streamed in 1999 for 56k modems in low quality resolution


Photo from H.P. Baxter Scooternext button

H.P. Baxter Scooter

Scooter had returned to the Rhein Fire and here are some photos and a video.

Amazing is the global popularity that this band from Germany has achieved.

Photo from Michael Simon Scooternext button

Michael Simon Scooter

The hard working band Scooter from Bremen gave it all for the fans and the cheerleaders just like keyboard star Rick J. Jordan.

Photo from Rick J. Jordan Scooternext button

Scooter Rick J. Jordan



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