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Munthe plus Simonsen

In terms of quality fashion for all conscious women, who don`t want to scheme the schemes of outdated traditions. Women are wonderful and so let us be wonderful is definitely a feeling that their global clients can understand.

Spain, Italy, Japan and other places had been covered well in the past and the German CPD is now expected to drive another rush of orders into the lively and creative Danish house.

Munthe plus Simonsen Fashion Videos

Munthe plus Simonsen Fashion Show

Danish Top Label Munthe plus Simonsen.

Within some video interview Karen Simonsen had explained their wonderful fashion.

Interview 2002
Video 1 | Video 2

Winter 2000

Summer 2003

Interview 2003

Summer 2004

If I could change the World

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Munthe plus Simonsen

Munthe plus Simonsen Fashionnext button

Munthe plus Simonsen

Obviously a Scandinavian touch has gone into the fashion of Munthe plus Simonsen, who have always emphasized the importance of comfort during long lasting winter.

Munthe plus Simonsen

Photo Munthe plus Simonsen Mode

Danish designer fashion is facing an increasing global demand, which can almost be compared with the rise of design made in Belgium. Even Bryan Adams felt so much inspired, that he had contributed some very special fashion photos.



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