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Christoph Broich
Fashion from Belgium

Another impressive talent from the Belgium Fashion Center Antwerp had come up with a very fine fashion collection at the cpd trade fair.

And like no other European country the Belgium Designer Fashion has managed to cultivate it`s reputation to the highest levels.

Italy, France and London are huge, but right behind and with a special class comes the Belgium Design.

And so was a refreshing and tasty collection introduced by Christoph Broich, who had participated within the Lycra Designer Revolution Show at the CPD.

Meanwhile Christoph Broich has retred into arts and he is running a museum besides showing his own work at exhibitions in Russia and elsewhere.

Christoph Broich Fashion Show Video

Christoph Broich Fashion Show

Designer Christoph Broich had come up with a fine collection
Fashion Show Video


Photo Christoph Broich Fashion aus Kuba

Christoph Broich Designer

Photo Christoph Broich Fashion

Christoph Broich

Photo Christoph Broich Fashion


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