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Reality Shock Records
UK Reggae

had proudly presented roots Reggae singer Chieftain Joseph as one of their most impressive additions to their incredible Reality Shock family.

The good friend of Prince Livijah has sung on Unity Sound and recently traveled to Belgium to perform with Jah Youth.

His vocal style has been described as sounding like a modern day Horace Andy.

Chieftain Joseph's wicked debut single 'Musical Farmer' is out now on One Harmony Record's relict of the 'Strange Things' riddim & the original video can be seen at his

Kris Chemist is the driving force behind the operation and he is touring all around Europe with his earth shaking sound system and some great Reggae singers who enjoy teaming up with his creative wnd warm hearted camp.

Chieftain Joseph

Chieftain Joseph

Chieftain Joseph`s crucial "Farmer" tune! A deadly track and the original

Here's the Fashion version with tons of female beauty ...


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