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Hoyo Colorao
Cuban Hip Hop

It had been greatest fun meeting Hoyo Colora and seeing their fantastic live show with two superb front singers and rappers who are fully on the latest vibes when it comes to the Cuban versions of Hip Hop and Reggaeton

The Hoyo Colorao band members

Karoll Pérez Zambrano - Rap, Guitar

Humberto Escuela Fernández - DJ-Set

Ivette Pacheco Cabañas - Vocals, Guitar

William Macías León - Vocals -

Heber Méndez Gómez - Piano, Keyboard

Over Serrano Villalón - Drums, Percussion

Armando Serna Pérez - Metals

Mitzkin Rivero López - Bass

Hoyo Colorao video

Hoyo Colorao

Live Concert and interview

Hoyo Colorao
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Hoyo Colorao

A very lively show is guaranteed and the Band is is touring outside Cuba on a regular basis.

Hoyo Colorao
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Hoyo Colorao

Karoll Pérez Zambrano

"I have never had a gun in my hand" had been one of the most impressive statements for a Hip Hop artist, which reflects the very different lifestyle in Cuba.


Hoyo Colorao


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