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World Bowl 2006
Admirals vs. Galaxy

Fairly unimpressive were the quarterbacks on both sides, where the Galaxy had Bryson Spinner and Jeff Otis on the case, who had completed as little as 7 from 19 passes for 75 yards.

Slightly more efficient was Admirals qb Jared Allen with 13 from 26 passes completed for 126 yards gain.

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World Bowl 2006

Amsterdam Admirals vs. Frankfurt Galaxy
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Photos by Christian Roth und Conny Hudalla. Video by Conny Hudalla
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This was World Bowl 2006

After the loss at the Admirals Mike Jones had said, that you can't put on Spinner and in the World Bowl he got rewarded by his qb with 2 from 7 passes completed for 43 yards in addition to 2 rushing attempts for 10 yards.

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QB Jared Allen

After the season Jared Allen had difficulties in landing a job in the NFL and meanwhile he has gone into coaching.

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RB Roger Robinson

With 19 receptions for 91 yards Roger Robinson had been the second best rusher of the Galaxy though he was stopped early by an injury.

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RT Rob Droege

Rob Droege Panthers

Right tackle Rob Droege had been a regular starter at the 2006 Galaxy and in the NFL he had been on two teams.

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QB Jeff Otis

Jeff Otis Raiders

Quarterback Jeff Otis had to play it mainly safe by giving the ball to the way more efficient running backs.

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