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Canals and Graffiti

Amazing architecture in so many different styles make Amsterdam a very visual place.

And in Amsterdam you can even anchor your yacht right in front of your home.

Just too bad, that certain influential politicians refuse to understand, that the future of gorgeous Amsterdam is as much threatened as the one of New York or New Orleans.

In fact all of these cities at zero sea level seem to be jeopardized by global warming like never before.

Amsterdam videos

Old City Clip


That was Amsterdam in 2001

Coolio in Amsterdam

Photo from Coolio

See Coolio in Amsterdam


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Amsterdam Graffiti

Some of the most modern in the world impress with hardly any noise and some superb, modern design.

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Amsterdam streets and canals

In particular the old parts of the city are absolutely unique and provide a charm, that is almost irresistible.

And what a house, what a location for a little rest while exploring Amsterdam.

photo Amsterdam Canals
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