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Amsterdam is world famous for it`s large history and tradition in bringing together cultures and nationalities from all over the world in a most promising and future revealing manner.

In fact the the City is so very friendly, tolerant and progressive, that it is definitely showcasing a global future.

And all those Canals are like streets and living in there must be a very special experience.

And the giant harbor is another famous and very important part of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam videos


Old City Clip


That was Amsterdam in 2001

Coolio in Amsterdam

Photo from Coolio

That was Coolio in Amsterdam.

A pride of Amsterdam had been the Amsterdam Admirals


Amsterdam architecturenext button

Amsterdam architecture

The modern Amsterdam looks very impressive and Philips is perhaps the most famous Dutch brand as their logo can be seen all over the world.

photo The Port of Amsterdamnext button

The Port of Amsterdam

One famous song by Jacques Brell is called "The Port of Amsterdam" and also the version of David Bowie is absolutely oustanding.


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