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The year of the Monkey 2016
The first outlook

On February 8 the extremely clever and radical Monkey will start playing his wild and challenging game and everyone is going to feel challenged in a year, in which fast, fearless and fast moves will become mandatory.

In fact all those, who were born in a year of the Monkey are smart enough, to climb up into the highest trees and they are also able to jump and land softly.

And in 2016 anyone with ambitions or under pressure will be requested to come up with similar skills, for which perfect timing, cleverness and courage will become vital.

Obviously all of those sign groups, that tend to be more static and conservative will see the biggest obstacles, while all those Monkey and Rat year born will feel extremely inspired by plenty of action and regular turmoil.


Back in the year 2004 it was in particular "Rat" Mark Zuckerberg, who had jumped into the billionaires group with his facebook debut.

But also the Goats and the cool Pigs are likely to see some tremendous options as long as they stay calm and toast.

Goats are able to climb the highest mountains while the clever Pigs will stay down and sort things out thanks to their superb adaptability.

Furthermore the wise Snakes are well equipped with their precision and observation and flexible bending skills.

The last Years of the Monkey
1992 and 2004

In 1992 Los Angeles saw the big riots, that were triggered by the beating of Snake Rodney King while in South Africa Horse Nelson Mandela did finish the Apartheid. And in Germany chancellor Kohl was broadcasting pictures from burning asylum seekers homes under Nazi attacks in Germany.

And right now similar trends are becoming visible in Germany

And the Monkey Year 2004 was started by "Monkey" Justin Timberlake when he gave the United States their Nipplegate by exposing Horse Janet Jackson while Monkey Eli Manning had started his NFL career.

In addition Arab Jihadist had launched some brutal attacks on Spain and unforgettable remains the horrible Tsunami in South Asia.

All that shows, that the Year of the Monkey are likely to create a lot of action.


Lindsay Davenport became a No.1 in Tennis without having won any Grand Slam Title while Diane Krueger moved up to international stardom.


Maria Sharapova won Wimbledon at the age of 17 against Super Rooster Serena Williams and the "Special one" Jose Mourinho had started his giant career by becoming the manager of the year.

Also those Golf Rabbits Woods and Vingh had looked great while Charlize Theron did score an Oscar for her leading role in "Monster".


In 2004 Rafael Nadal had his first win against Rooster Roger Federer and Robbie Williams cleaned up well with the release of his biggest Hits album.

Soccer coach Otto Rehagel did win the Euro Cup with underdog Greece.


A frustrated Colin Powell did resign, Heidi Klum caught her Soultiger Seal and Svetlana Kuznetsova has won the U.S. Open while Peter Jackson had scored an Oscar for his "Lord of the Rings" and UK Boxer Danny Williams was able to knock out "Iron Horse" Mike Tyson.


Mark Zuckerberg did launch his facebook and Sean Penn took the best actor Oscar with his "Mystic River".


as predicted, Vitali Klitschko became the World Boxing Champion while Lance Armstrong did win the Tour le Doping.

But also Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hillary Clinton had a fantastic year.


America saw the 16 years of the Dog presidency after Bill Clinton took over the White House until George W. Bush had moved in for his two terms

Also Israel went for a Dog year born leader with Yitzhak Rabin while ATP Tennis was run by Jim Courier.

And Dr. Dog Boutros-Ghali became the first African UN general secretary.


Roger Federer took three Grand Slam titles and Renée Zellweger received an Oscar for the best supporting role while Serena Williams had fumbled.


The year 2004 had been tremendous for many Monkeys.

Christina Aguilera became the Lady of the year, Justin Timberlake scored with Nipplegate and Michael Schumacher was dominating Formula 1 like never before. And at the end of the year he had donated 10 million Dollar to the Tsunami victims in Asia.

Only Don Rumsfeld saw his Waterloo with his prison scam in Iraq Iraq while Ronaldinho made Football player of the year in Europe.


Amélie Mauresmo became a No.1 in Tennis.

Elin Nordegren caught rich "Rabbit" Tiger Woods while Marat Safin did win the Australian Open while Jensen Button made No. 2 in Formula 1.

Julia Roberts had been the top Lady in Hollywood and Mel Gibson wrote history with his "Passion of the Christ".


Miss Nipplegate, Janet Jackson, Mike Tyson and also German Angela Merkel were facing an awful year in 2004 and already back in 1992 the boxing champion had gone for 6 Years to prison after a rape case. Another Horse year born casualty of the 1992 Monkey year had been New York Jets star Dennis Byrd, who got paralyzed after a collision on the field.


Back in 1992 Nigel Mansell had been the Formula 1 Champion and Slobodan Milosevic had launched his ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia.

In 2004 Yassir Arafat did die and Lennox Lewis had retired after his last fortunate win against "Pig" Vitali Klitscko.


Chinese Horoscope 2016

Outlook 2016 / 2017

01 - Monkey
Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Neymar
- The top guns

02 - Rat
Lewis Hamilton
- big wins

03 - Snake
Xi Jinping, Mayweather, Chris Martin
- Great potential

04 - Pig
Hillary Clinton, Vitali Klitschko
- Everything is possible

05 - Goat
Pam Anderson, Jenson Button, Kimi Raikkonen
- Stepping on the gas and a jump seem mandatory

06 - Dog
Donald Trump, Madonna, Justin Bieber
- Dogs will be loved

07 - Rabbit
Vettel, Mourinho, Messi, Djokovic
- Big wins are feasible

08 - Rooster
Roger Federer, Serena Williams
- 2 fine years are lined up now

09 - Dragon
Putin, Rihanna
- Good chances and puzzling jobs

10 - Tiger
Lindsay Lohan, Rafael Nadal
- Not easy, but chances are

11 - Horse
Merkel, Cameron, Erdogan, Hollande
- A very tricky year is lined up

12 - Ox
Ronaldo, Rooney, Rosberg
- Oxen may feel challenged

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