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Chinese Horoscope 2016 Monkey year

2016 winners and losers
Monkey year 2016

It is not over yet but only 2 more months to go until the year of the Rooster demand a first look at the top candidates of a wild 2016 / 2017 Monkey year.

Sign of the year: Dog and Ox

Losers of the year: Horse, Pig, Rat

Man of the year: Dog Donald Trump

Woman of the year: Monkey Theresa May

Male loser of the year: Horse David Cameron

Female loser of the year: Pig Hillary Clinton

Chinese Horocope Monkey symbol

Winners and losers

Winners: Dog, Ox, Snake

Midfield: Tiger, Monkey, Dragon, Goat, Pig, Rabbit

Losers: Horse, Rat, Rooster


Chinese Horoscope Monkey

Theresa May and Jerry Hall stand for their big winners while Kim Kardashian seems to be the top loser with a dubious robbery and her doggie "Snake" Kanye.

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Chinese Horoscope Goat
Impressive were soccer geniuses Juergen Klopp, Kevin de Bruyne and Antoine Griezmann while big on US TV were Anderson Cooper, Becky Anderson and Jimmy Kimmel.

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Chinese Horoscope Horse

Formula 1 Mogul Ecclestone and politicians like Merkel, Hollande, Erdogan and Cameron had a hard time but Jennifer Lawrence and Portugal's champion coach Fernando Santos did shine.

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Chinese Horoscope Snake

Eddie Irvine is now a property tycoon and Kanye West guns for the loser of the year honors while the Snake of the Year could be the Tennis No.1 Angelique Kerber.

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Chinese Horoscope Dragon

Britain's Brexit Boris Johnson seems to become the Dragon of the year 2016 and doping fan Tyson Fury one of the biggest losers of the Monkey year.

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Chinese Horoscope Rabbit

Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seem to compete for the loser of the year and Andy Murray could be the Rabbit of the year.

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Chinese Horoscope Tiger

Bradley Cooper, Usain Bolt, Indian PM Narendra Modi occur to be some potential Tiger of the year candidates while Tiger year born ladies have kept a low profile.

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Chinese Horoscope Ox

Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg, ATP star Stan Wawrinka and soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo have made some very big dreams become true, but very little was shown by female oxen.

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Chinese Horoscope Rat

Champion Lewis Hamilton had tons of bad luck and FIFA's Don Joseph Blatter was one of the biggest losers of the Monkey year 2016 alongside US swimmer Ryan Lochte.

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Chinese Horoscope Pig

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has been the Pig of the year, at least so far, and Hillary Clinton one of the biggest losers of the year.

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Chinese Horoscope Dog

Gladiator Ralf Moeller is big on German TV while Guardiola, Enrique, Simeone and Infantino rule soccer in addition to Don and Melania Trump in the White House.

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Chinese Horoscope Rooster

Serena Williams has lost her No.1 ranking position but Paul Pogba became the most expensive soccer player in the world with a value of $130 million.

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