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Grand Slam winning Ladies

Ay the U.S. Open "Rooster" Serena Williams had not been able to equalize "Rooster" Steffi Graf's 22 Grand Slam titles, while she had also been only one set away from winning all four major tournaments in one year, what was done last in 1988 by the most legendary German player.

The unseeded current No. 43, the Pig Year born Roberta Vinci has reached her first Grand Slam final, while the Williams family had seemed fairly disappointed.

The 32 year old Roberta Vinci had never been closer to a Grand Slam title than a quarter final and never before she had been able to win a set against Serena Williams and after her victory she said, that this has been the greatest moment of her life.

And for Serena Williams it had been the first defeat at a Grand Slam tournament since June 27, 2014 and her first at the U.S. Open since four years.

And now there will be an Italian final when Roberta Vinci will challenge "Dog" Flavia Pennetta, what reminds of the classic Kim "Pig" Clijsters vs Justine "Dog" Henin rivalry, which went 13:12 for the Pig year born Belgium Tennis Lady.

Grand Slam Records

With Steffi Graf and Serena Williams the Rooster Symbol has started to dominate the World of Tennis in the 1987 Snake Year with a total of 43 Grand Slam titles since then.

And also "Rooster" Roger Federer has taken the all time lead with his 17 titles.


The Champion Ladies

Most obviously those ladies, who were born in the years of the Horse, Rooster, Monkey and Dog have been dominating Ladies' Tennis since 1915 by having scored 216 Grand Slam titles.

What a difference compared to the four symbols at the bottom, where Dragon, Tiger, Rabbit and Rat show a total of only 51 Grand Slam titles.



The Top 4 Symbols

The elegant Horses

Since the retirement of Margeret Court and Chris Evert the previous dominance of the Horse Ladies has completely vanished with meanwhile only 2 wins since 1987 by Petra Kvitová.


Amazing Rooster

Since 1987 three impressive Rooster Ladies have won already 42 titles with more to come for Serena Williams while riding on top of the circuit. Soon she will take over Steffi's second place and gunning for Horse Margeret Court's record from 1973 with 24 Grand Slams titles, what is only three more wins to.


The clever Monkeys

With Martina Navratilova, Martina Hingis and Venus Williams also the Monkeys pride three epic Champion Ladies, who alone stand for 31 titles since 1987.


The wild Rabbits

In recent years Maria Sharapova has won 5 Grand Slam titles and Ana Ivanovic at least 1.


The other 8 Zodiac symbols

Since 1987 Flavia Penetta, Gabriela Sabatini, Justin Henin and Li Na have won 12 Grand Slam titles out of a total of 37 for the Dog Ladies.


Outstanding had been Billie Jean King, who had contributed 14 Grand Slam wins to those 27 that were scored by six Goat Ladies.


One of the most successful players of all times had been Helen Wills, who had won 18 out of those 23 titles won by only four Snake Ladies.


Impressive in recent years were Kim Clijsters and Arantxa Sánchez Vicario with four Grand Slam titles each, from those 22 titles that were won by five cool Pig Ladies.


Four Oxen Ladies have won 27 titles from which nine were scored by the unlucky Monica Seles, whose career got severely damaged by an assault at a tournament in Hamburg when a sick minded Steffi Graf fan had stabbed her.

In fact Monica Seles had won seven out of nine Grand Slam tournaments between 1991 and 1993 leaving only the two Wimbledon titles for Steffi, what may indicate, that the German champion would have won probably less than her 22 titles if the Serbian champion would have been around longer.


Six Rat Ladies were able to win at least 14 Grand Slam titles and their most impressive one had been Joan Hartigan with her three wins while more recently Samantha Stosur and Marion Bartoli have impressed with one win just like Conchita Martínez and two other players with also only one win..


Five Rabbit Ladies are currently well positioned with Maria Sharapova, who has already won five titles from a total of 12 Grand Slam wins.


The two top performing Dragon Ladies Lindsay Davenport and Jennifer Capriati had both impressed with three title wins each. But now they are waiting since 2002 to ad more titles to their 16 Grand Slam titles that were won by five of them.


Only four Tiger Ladies had shown good nerves to win 11 Grand Slam titles from which Hana Mandlikova had taken four while Mary Pierce managed to win two.


Chinese Horocope Tennis Grand Slam titles

Tennis changes

The end of the elegant style of the "Horse" and "Snake" Ladies had started with the rise of the "Monkey" Ladies when all of a sudden the game became much harder with the rise of Martina Navratilova, who had been sitting nicely up on top of all tables until some young and highly ambitious "Rooster" Steffi Graf was ready to hit the ball even much harder.

And exactly since then the women's WTA Tennis circuit has been dominated by these two Zodiac symbols, which have won 71 titles since 1987 leaving only 53 titles for the other 10 Chinese Zodiac symbols.

More trends

Grand Slam winning Ladies since 1915

9 Rooster Ladies 60 titles

Chinese Horoscope Rooster Gibran Hamden

Steffi Graf 22, Serena Williams 21, Suzanne Lenglen 8, Virginia Wade 3, Cilly Aussem 2, Anastasia Myskina 1, Esna Boyd 1, Betty Nuthall 1, Barbara Jordan 1

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5 Horse Ladies 55 titles

Chinese Horoscope Troy Aikman Horse

Margaret Court 24, Chris Evert 18, Margaret Osborne duPont 6, Charlotte Cooper 5, Petra Kvitová 2

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13 Monkey Ladies 54 titles

Chinese Horoscope Monkey

Martina Navratilova 18, Molla Bjurstedt Mallory 8, Venus Williams 7, Martina Hingis 5, Dorothy Round Little 3, Angela Mortimer 3, Hilde Krahwinkel Sperling 3, Kitty McKane Godfree 2, Francesca Schiavone 1, Jana Novotna 1, Christine O'Neil 1, Mima Jaušovec 1, Sue Barker 1

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9 Rabbit Ladies 36 titles

Chinese Horoscope Rabbit Jake DelhommeMaria Bueno 7, Evonne Goolagong 7, Maria Sharapova 5, Althea Gibson 5, Daphne Akhurst Cozens 5, Shirley Fry Irvin 4, Ana Ivanovic 1, Anita Lizana de Ellis 1, Julie Vlasto 1

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11 Dog Ladies 30 titles

Chinese Horoscope Dog Brian Baldinger

Maureen Connolly Brinker 9, Helen Jacobs 5, Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman 4, Darlene Hard 3, Li Na 2, Mary Carter Reitano 2, Gabriela Sabatini 1, Emily Hood Westacott 1, Flavia Penetta 1, Patricia Canning Todd 1, Shirley Brasher 1

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6 Goat Ladies 26 titles

Chinese Horoscope Drew Henson Goat

Billie Jean King 12, Pauline Betz 5, Lotti Dod 5, Amélie Mauresmo 2, Virginia Ruzici 1, Sylvia Lance Harper 1

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5 Pig Ladies 22 titles

Chinese Horoscope Roger Goodell PigBlanche Bingley 6, Louise Brough 6, Kim Clijsters 4, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario 4, Simone Mathieu 2

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4 Ox Ladies 22 titles

Chinese Horoscope Jermaine Chaney Ox

Monica Seles 9, Doris Hart 6, Alice Marble 5, Svetlana Kuznetsova 2

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3 Snake Ladies 22 titles

Chinese Horoscope Snake Clint StoernerHelen Wills 19, Victoria Azarenka 2, Iva Majoli 1

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5 Dragon Ladies 14 titles

Chinese Horoscope Paul Tagliabue Dragon

Nancye Wynne Bolton 6, Jennifer Capriati 3, Lindsay Davenport 3, Dorothy Bundy Cheney 1, Christine Truman Janes 1

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9 Rat Ladies 14 titles

Chinese Horoscope Mike Jones Rat

Joan Hartigan 3, Margaret Scriven 2, Coral McInnes Buttsworth 2, Sarah Palfrey 2, Samantha Stosur 1, Marion Bartoli 1, Conchita Martínez 1, Sarah Palfrey 1, Zsuzsa Körmöczy 1

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4 Tiger Ladies 11 titles

Chinese Horoscope Tiger Jack Bicknell

Hana Mandlíková 4, Ann Haydon-Jones 3, Mary Pierce 2, Tracy Austin 2

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