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Dr. Wu's Chinese Super Bowl 50 Horoscope

The Super Bowl 50 Playoffs

The season is over and the Ox Dragon duo Kubiak / Manning has killed Ox Rivera's QB Snake Newton by having put well reading murder Snake Von Miller on the tail of the season MVP and 2.5 sacks were a fine reward for a great plan.

At the same time Dragon Peyton Manning didn't have to show much to win his second trophy.

The Conference battle was featuring an exciting constellation with a two Oxen taking out two Dragons when Ron Rivera demolished "Dragon" Bruce Arians after Gary Kubiak had knocked out mighty "Dragon" Big Bill Belichik.

On the field the two "Snakes" Cam Newton and Tom Brady showed a change in generations while "Dragon" Peyton and "Goat" Carson had needed a super brilliant day and now only the top performing Snake is going to San Fran for the transition night from the Goat to the Monkey year.

In the Divisional playoffs the two Dragons Bill Belichik and Bruce Arians didn't have easy wins, but they were able to take out "Rat Smith" under "Dog" Andy Reid and "Pig" Rodgers under "Rabbit" Mike McCarthy before also "Rabbit" Pete Carroll and his Dragon Russel Wilson got eaten up by "Snake" Newton and "Ox" Rivera while "Dragon" Peyton and "Ox" Kubiak took out "Rat" Tomlin and "Dog" Ben.

Player of the first 2 games was "Pig" Larry Fitzgerald.

And fairly impressive are the two Snakes on QB and the two Dragons on head coach.

Wild card weekend brought another disaster for the Monkey year born when running back Jeremy Hill took his Bengals out of the race with his late fumble alongside "Horse" Vontaze Burfict, whose nasty and fully unnecessary foul against top Dragon Antonio Brown made him the loser of the game.

Also Vikings qb "Monkey" Terry Bridgewater had failed to impress while his Snapper "Horse" Kevin McDermott had sabotaged an easy field goal that had looked like a safe ticket into the next round while "Ox" Brian Hoyer had disappointed with the Texans.

And the next big AFC clashes will be Patriots Dragon Bill / Snake Brady vs. Chiefs Dog Reid / Rat Smith while Steelers Rat Tomlin / Dog Ben will challenge Denver with Ox Kubiak and the rejuvenated Dragon Peyton.

And the NFC will see Rabbit Carroll / Dragon Wilson vs. Ox Rivera / Snake Newton and the Cards with Dragon Arians / Goat Carson vs. the Packers with Rabbit McCarthy / Dog Rodgers.

The Super Bowl 50 season

Highly impressive have certainly been the developments at the Redskins and Cardinals, where two fine Goat / Dragon couples have set the pace. One of the best qb in the year of the Goat is non-surprisingly Carson Palmer with superb ratings under his "Dragon" head coach Bruce Arians while qb Dragon Kirk Cousins has become a top gun under "Goat" head coach Jay Gruden.

And as predicted, the Rabbits are going through a tough season with Colin Kaepernick as their biggest casualty, but 3 had remained in the race for Super Bowl 50 at least for a while.

Impressive was also the negative trend for the Monkey year born NFL activists such as Eli Manning, Odell Beckham and Johnny Manziel, who all had failed to catch a good transition into their big 2016 year of the Monkey.

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The Super Bowl 50 head coaches

.... Only 10 of the 12 Chinese sign groups have managed to find an NFL head coach job for season 2015.

And with seven head coaches in the race for Super Bowl 50 the Dog symbol has once again turned out as America's most popular one among the NFL team owners, though only three wins don't speak too much for them.

No Monkey

Chinese Horoscope Monkey Doug Graber

Monkey year born head coaches like Doug Graber are still waiting for a first Super Bowl win and Eli & Odell have flopped at the Giants like Teddy Bridgewater didn't survive the Wild Card weekend.

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Busy Dragons

Chinese Horoscope Paul Tagliabue Dragon

Impressive Dragons Bruce Arians and Bill Belichik have fumbled over two Ox year born colleagues but Super Bowl 50 was for Peyton Manning while Russel Wilson and Kirk Cousins had at least entered the Playoffs.

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4 Horses 0 chances

Chinese Horoscope Troy Aikman Horse

Championships remain further rare for the Horses and only qb Brock Osweiler has taken one while Troy Aikman alone did score three Super Bowls. But that was exceptional.

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3 Rats

Chinese Horoscope Mike Jones Rat

Mediocre was the season for Chuck Pagano with his qb Alex Smith as well as for Mike Tomlin and Mike McCoy.

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Oxen on top

Chinese Horoscope Jermaine Chaney Ox

Panthers' Ron Rivera was blessed to have "top Snake" Cam Newton on the field while Broncos' Gary Kubiak had helped his "Dragon" Peyton so well with a tough defense so that Super Bowl 50 did become the Oxen Bowl.

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No friendly Pigs

Chinese Horoscope Roger Goodell Pig
Unpopular have remained the head coaches who will have to wait at least for another year. But as shown by Roger Goodell, they can progress to the commissioner's chair.

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3 creative Goats

Chinese Horoscope Drew Henson Goat

John Fox and Jay Gruden had a fine Super Bowl 50 season and qb Carson Palmer was running out flat out under playoff pressure.

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7 Dogs were in the race

Chinese Horoscope Dog Brian Baldinger

Exciting playoff pleasure was reached by 3 from the 7 "Dog" head coaches thanks to Mike Zimmer, Andy Reid and Marvin Lewis alongside qb Ben Roethlisberger.

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6 Rabbits were on the case

Chinese Horoscope Rabbit Jake Delhomme
Disappointment was large amomg the 6 Rabbit year born head coaches when only Mike McCarthy and Pete Carroll had reached the playoffs while Andy Dalton has failed to become their very first champion qb.

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0 Tigers

Chinese Horoscope Tiger Jack Bicknell

Baltimore Ravens' John Harbaugh, Bills Rex Ryan and Ken Whisenhunt at Titans have missed the playoffs and also on qb they have failed to present any participant.

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1 passionate Rooster

Chinese Horoscope Rooster Gibran Hamden

Houston Texans Bill O'Brien was the only Rooster on head coach or quarterback in the playoffs and a combined 5 Super Bowl wins on both positions point back at Brett Favre in 97 and Bill Cowher in 06.

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2 top Snakes

Chinese Horoscope Snake Clint Stoerner
Despite 4 Super Bowl wins and a Bill Parcells and Don Shula the Snake year born head coaches couldn't find a job since 2013. But on qb season MVP Cam Newton was alsmost stepping into the footprints of Tom Brady.

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