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If I could change the World

BBC DJ legend David Rodigan had called it a "magic want" and this line of videos is featuring the ideas and wishes of people in Barbados, New York, Ghana, Asia, NFL activists, fashion gurus and many celebrities.

If i could change the world

If i could change the world

Video 08 with wishes from:
Shaggy, Phil Tufnell, Mark Newham and folks from New York and Barbados.

Video 07 with wishes from:
David Rodigan, Branford Marsalis and others.

Video 06 with wishes from:
Francis Rossi, Aja Addy and others.

Video 05 with wishes from:
Buccaneers Cheerleaders, Singer Jessica, Doug Graber and fashion designer Mari Ot.

Video 04 with wishes from:
Aja Addy, Karen Simonsen, Manfred Kronen, Jason Brookins and Alex Leibkind.

Video 03 with wishes from:
Jaguars Cheerleaders the Roar, Dr. Carlo Rivetti and several NFL starters.

Video 02 with wishes from:
Media Philosoper Professor Dr. Hubertus von Amelunxen.

Video 01 with wishes from:
Ralf Moeller, NFL International Vice President Doug Quinn, Karen Simonsen, Tod Husak, Super Bowl Champ Tom Nuetten and two Dallas Cowboys.

If I could change the world

Over the years many people were asked, what they would like to change in this world if they could do something with just a snap of their fingers and Shaggy had suggested to get a rid of all borders and visas, and that we should start caring about what is going on over the world.

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Shaggy photo
Reggae superstar Shaggy is a thoughtful fellow and a family man as well. So no surprise, that his statements had been with the best. "We all should care ... " he said.

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Charlie Webster

Charlie Webster photo

British TV presenter Charlie Webster had thought of children and education right away, what had also been mentioned by BBC DJ David Rodigan.

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