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Snakes in the 2016 Monkey Year

Cam Newton made season MVP, but he played bad in Super Bowl 50 against game MVP Von Miller.

Angelique Kerber has won the final against Rooster Serena Williams at the Australian Open.

Chris Martin and Coldplay were performing during the half-time show at Super Bowl 50 for Panthers quarterback Cam Newton while Tom Brady and Gronk got eliminated by senior Dragon Peyton.

Five Quarterback Snakes did shine in the NFL. Cam Newton at the Panthers and Tom Brady hag remained both clean until week 10 and Andrew Luck was the first to defeat "Dragon" Peyton Manning. Blaine Gabbert has become the new hope at the 49ers with 2 TDs for the SF squad. Also Tyrod Taylor had been impressive at the Buffalo Bills.

Snake year born strikers rule soccer in Germany with Japanese Shinji Kagawa, German Marco Reus and Thomas Mueller and Gabonese Piere Aubameyang.

Three nice TDs by the Rob Gronkowsky and Tom Brady show, that "top Dragon" Bill Belichik has got his weapons ready for Super Bowl 50. The same deadly precision was missing in the performance of the Steelers' "Dog" Ben Roethlisberger and in particular Josh Scobee, who missed out on two field goal opportunities, so that his "Rat" head coach Mike Tomlin must have been furious after the game.

Bernie Sanders is challenging Pig Hillary Clinton with his bid to become the presidential candidate of the Democrats and Manuel Pellegrini is leading the Premier League with ManCity.

After his confession the former Subway Sandwich Spokesman Jared Fogle is about to get sentenced for adultery and the possession of child porn.

Floyd Mayweather jr. has stepped into the feet of Lennox Lewis and Muhammad Ali through his $250 million fight against Horse Manny Pacquiao.

Tom Brady has won his fourth Super Bowl with the Patriots against the Seahawks.

Bashar al-Assad is fighting his own people, the U.S. and Isil.

Snakes in the 2014 Horse Year

Amal Alamuddin had been able to hypnotize Ox George Clooney into a marriage to become the Snake of the Year 2014.

Daniel Ricciardo has won 3 Formula 1 Grand Prix races in 2014 and he is likely to become the next Super F1 Snake after Eddie Irvine.

With $75m revenues Robert Downey Jr. has become the No.1 earner in Hollywood ahead of Rat Dwayne Johnson with $52m and Tiger Bradley Cooper with $46m.

Before the World Cup 100m Euro worth football star Gareth Bale had won the Champions League with Real Madrid.

Dr. Dre was raving about a billion dollar deal with Apple.

Tough days for Snake ladies. AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus got shot in Afghanistan and Peaches Geldof died unexpectedly at the age of 25.

Dominika Cibulková has lost the final at the Australian Open against Dog Na Li.

Ronnie Biggs has been escorted by the Hells Angels at his funeral in London.


Snakes at the FIFA World Cup

With 22 goals the Snakes have been the top scorers at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil and with Mueller, Kroos, Khedira they also pride three World Champions.

At the same time three Snake managers could not win a single game!

Snakes in the 2013 Snake Year

Guardian chief editor Alan Rusbridger has been the top Snake of the 2013.

Real Madrid has acquired Gareth Bale for 100 million Euro to replace German/Turkish Dragon Mesut Ozil.

Daniel Ricciardo caught a Formula 1 seat next to Champion Rabbit Vettel at Red Bull replacing the unlucky Aussie Dragon Mark Webber for 2014.

Robert Downey Jr. has become the world's highest paid actor.

Xi Jinping has taken over China and the most popular politician in Italy is now Pier Luigi Bersani.

Victoria Azarenka has won the Australian Open against Dog Li Na.

Sir Alec Fergusson and ManU with Shinji Kagawa are leading the Premier League with 7 points.

Howard Stern will be on Google TV.


Snakes in the 2012 Dragon Year

Sir Alec Fergusson lost the League Title to ManCity and for season 12/13 he had hired Japanese Shinji Kagawa.

Patriot's qb Tom Brady had lost the 2012 Dragon Super Bowl against New York Giants monkey qb Eli Manning and Men at Work legend Greg Ham has died down under at the age of 58.

Charly Sheen had remained on the party vibe and he had helped out Tigress Lindsay Lohan with a bit of cash.

Victoria Azarenka has defeated Pig Kim Clijsters and Rabbit Maria Sharapova at the Australian Open to become the first No. 1 ranked Tennis Snake since Stefan Edberg.


Snakes in 2011 Year of the Rabbit

Back in the last 1999 Rabbit Year director Sam Mendes had scored an Oscar for American Beauty and in Formula 1 Eddie Irvine had a fine season with some Grand Prix wins and a second place in the Championship.

But also 2011 had gone very well.

The incredible Liz Hurley had a fine year and also many soccer coaches had occupied hot spots right in the limelight, like for example Sir Eric Fergusson, who had won the 99 Premier League and nearly the Champions League as well.

In 2011 Taylor Swift received a Grammy for the album of the Year and Sir Eric Fergusson had once again the Premier League and finally also the Champions League.

Director Zalman King has died of cancer at the age of 69.

Sarah Jessica Parker remained the top earner in Hollywood.

President Bashar al-Assad went to kill his own people, who had become rebels in Syria.

Charlie Sheen gave up his job as the best paid TV Star in the world.

Charly Sheen went again deeply into having fun with drugs and porn stars while Playmate Gitta Saxx had been competing for King of the Jungle.

Snakes in the 2010 Tiger Year

Dr. Dre did release Kush.

Sir Alex Fergusson had a lousy 2010.

Liz Hurley is back to her regular hunt for interesting males.

Loser Snake of 2010 had been Charlie Sheen who had severe trouble with a chartered porn starlet who had called for the police after he had gone wild about a lost phone.

Snakes in the 2009 year of the Ox

Taylor Swift had scored a Grammy for best Album in 2009.

Hard-liner Jinping will be the No.1 in China starting in the year of the Dragon 2012 and he is truly into Mao.

Charlie Sheen ended up at a police station after he had attacked his wife.

Kanye West had been called an idiot by Ox Obama after he had misbehaved during the MTV awards demanding that all prices should be given to Rooster Beyonce.


Chinese Zodiac Horocope symbol Snake

Best years for Snakes

During the 1992 Year of the Monkey Dr. Dre did release his first solo album the Chronic on the Death Row label of his former mate Suge Knight.

But the Monkey Year 2004 brought the retirement of Lennox Lewis and Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, the death of Yassir Arafat and the failure of Paul Bremer and Ricardo Sanchez in Iraq.

In the year of Rabbit

Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Snake Harald Gloeckler

Fashion Star Harald Gloeckler had a wonderful year of the Rabbit in 2011 when a TV station had given him his own show while Sir Alex Ferguson had one of his best years ever at Manchester United.




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