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 Eddie IrvinePhotos and video


Eddie Irvine and his Jaguar

Eddie Irvine was headlining a great gala at his German Fashion sponsor s.Oliver who had also hired two well trained gentlemen to pull in the new green Jaguar missile which had been bound to kick up dust during the Formula 1 season 2000.

But though being chauffeured by the smart Irish star pilot Eddie Irvine, the chances to challenge Haekkinen and Schumacher had been fairly slim so that by the end of the season a 13nth place had not been that brilliant.

At least in Monaco Eddie Irvine had come in on 4 but not a single podium had been a sad experience for the humorous pilot.


Eddie Irvine

Eddie Irvine in the year 2000




Eddie Irvine
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In the middle of a classic circus environment Eddie Irvine presented his beautiful new green Jaguar rocket right alongside German TV star journalist Nina Ruge, who has her own popular weekly show at one of the leading stations.

Eddie Irvine

Eddie Irvinebackmore Eddie Irvine photos

Eddie Irvine

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