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Chinese Horoscope best partners for Snakes

The ideal partners for Snakes

Snakes are usually one of the best in terms of intuition and observation skills, which are tremendous when they are out to select partners, that seem worth to get hypnotized.

Harmony and intense, dedicated passion is one of their important desires that most Snake year born folks are having when it comes to love and a having good relationship.

Certainly they can be great seducers and no surprise, that Giacomo Casanova was born in a year of the Wood Snake.

Chinese Zodiac symbol Snake

Snake Love

About Male Snakes

They are surely among the most popular choices thanks to their intellectual abilities and to some kind of a low, but often intriguing profile.

In love they can be highly seductive consumers, but also great family fathers, once they are sure about their lady.

About Female Snakes

Many Snake year born Ladies are highly independent thanks to their wide range of skills, but not seldom their love life turns complicated when they have once again chosen another disappointing lover.

Chinese Horocope Snake

A continuos up and down in emotions makes their love life interesting and extreme realism seems to rule with most of the Snake year born folks.

In particular male Snakes have refined the art of chasing for potential partners perfectly and they have been very successful in all cultures and on all continents.

The same also applies to the Snake Ladies, whose love life is often full of amazing stories, such as the one around Jacqueline Onassis, who had managed to seduce two of the most spectacular Snake husbands in the world, while John F. had seduced loads of other females during their marriage including the ultimate "Tigress" Marilyn Monroe.

More trends

Snake and Dragon

Snakes can easily enjoy the Dragon charm, but too much hot air at times may create tensions.

Certainly not bad at all

Snake and Rabbit

Rabbit ladies are very easy to conquer for Snake males as shown by Bashar al-Assad and his cute "Rabbit" Asma al-Assad. Also the Rabbit males appeal to Snake ladies.

Some wonderful potential, but only when the Snake is in charge. And since a while Pierce Brosnan is having a fine marriage with Keely Shaye Smith.

Snake and Tiger

Despite the occasional good start this is likely to become a dead end street for both sides as the Snakes come across as stone cold while many Tigers are certainly not sensitive and relaxed enough to make a Snake feel comfortable.

Limited potential

Snake and Ox

Sensitive Snakes enjoy and dread the much more physical Oxen at the very same time, what doesn't make it easy for the both of them.

Oxen also tend to dominate and Snakes would have to follow and listen to make it work.

And usually the Snakes are much smarter and will drop their Oxen after a while. In fact, a classic scenario.

But let's see, how far Ox George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin can carry the flag.

Not easy at all

Snake and Rat

Liz Hurley had greatest pleasure with her "Rat" Hugh Grant and both symbols enjoy each other`s intelligence though sometimes the Rats can get a bit too nervous and restless.

Has potential

Snake and Pig

A pleasant and sunny partnership is most likely the outcome as Pigs can easily adapt to the Snake concept.

Has potential

Snake and Dog

Chances are slim, but somehow the Dogs seem to respect the wise Snakes and they may have long conversations.

At least limited potential

Snake and Rooster

Female Snakes are mostly very smart and truly interesting to explore for a Rooster male.

But Taylor Swift has dumped "Rooster" Tom Hiddleston after only 7 months for his greed for publicity.

At the same time patience seems to be kind of limited among Snake males, who require their partnerships to be without any disturbances and quarrels.

Limited potential

Snake and Monkey

A fairly unusual partnership with one partner always jumping up into the trees while the other one has to crawl up slowly. But hey, both are smart and Tom Brady has already been for many years with his smart Supermodel Gisele Buendchen and Liam Hemsworth is taking care of Miley Cyrus's requirements.

However, not an easy one ...

Snake and Goat

Friendship and work are great and also smooth relationships are possible as the Snake will enjoy the Goat's creativity.


Has potential

Snake and Horse

Apparently Olivier Martinez and Horse Halle Berry seem to be a fine match in these days.

But overall an unusual relationship

Snake and Snake

A great idea for a partnership with only the risk of perhaps too much harmony around, though the Snakes truly love it smooth and easy. And not to forget, John F. Kennedy and his Jacqueline have been the most famous Snake couple of all times, which was followed by her marriage with Aristotelis Onassis. Also a great time had Imelda Marcos & Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines.

The perfect match

Fast Snakes

Snake Eddie Irvine
German "Quick" Nick Heidfeld had been a passionate Formula 1 driver while Ireland's "fast" Eddie Irvine had become also a well known entertainer for various attractive Ladies such as "Goat" Pamela Anderson.

Snakes in Fashion

Chinese Horoscope Snake Harald Gloeckler
Harald Gloeckler stands for interesting fashion at his Pompoes label and also the gay side of the Snake males.

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