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Chinese Horoscope ideal partners for Pigs

Best partners for Pig

Being so laid back does certainly help to find partners for relaxation and for having a good time without any problems at all.

Pigs are also fairly flexible and they can adjust to most sign groups with ease as long as they feel entertained.

Nevertheless, their love might not go that deep and they can leave or even jump over to the next partner without much heartache as they know, what they want and usually they are getting more than enough of it.

Chinese Horoscope symbol Pig

Pig relationships

About Male Pigs

One group of Pig year born men enjoys following strong and often also older Ladies, while another group can be seen as easy go lucky and fairly adventurous, so that almost any other symbol could attract him.

Those, who love to follow will all be well off with a Horse, Buffalo or Tiger Lady, who all won't have any problems with submitting a sufficient amount of requests.

The other more self contained group of males will find superb pleasure with Rooster and Rat Ladies, who can be good fun.

About Female Pigs

Ms. Pig can be a real men eater, who can maintain a whole group of fans and occasional lovers at the same time.

Of course, that is not always the case, and most of them can be loyal and honest.

Obviously all Pig year born Ladies are fun orientated and fairly flexible when it comes to selecting partners.

First choice could be Goat and Monkey, but also Rat, Ox and Tiger would be a good choice.

Chinese Horocope

Life goes on and fun is important for those, who are born in a year of the Pig and certainly their partners will have to adjust.

Certainly there are many exceptions, but when it comes to emotions some of the Pig year born seem to even look down on having any. Or they may just try to avoid them wherever possible as some kind of self protection scheme.

Of course, many Pigs are having some very deep emotions, but this is rare and easy go lucky entertainment is what they usually consider as most interesting.

More trends

Pig and Dragon

Difficult but possible, when Mr. Pig will be a good assistant and Mr. Dragon will need to find sufficient time to deliver what Piggies need in large amounts.

Not bad at all

Pig and Rabbit

Not a bad choice at all and two friendly and smart folks my enjoy having gentle party.

Some good potential seems obvious

Pig and Tiger

Pigs will enjoy the power of the Tiger and nowhere else Tigers will find a better place to relax.

Pig Ladies won't have any problems with seducing a Tiger and a good flirt factor is almost guaranteed.

A good potential exists

Pig and Ox

Pigs like it funky and Oxen would like to know, what that could mean.

But both are sociable and they are able to get something going on, as shown by Pete Sampras and his Ox Lady Bridgette Wilson.

So potential exists, but not that easy

Pig and Rat

A powerful and often sex driven combination in which great anticipation and superb communication will be setting the trend.

Finest potential

Pig on Pig

A good Piggy party can truly be great fun, though there is not that much to explore. More like having a fling with yourself as females and males are kind of similar. Nevertheless, Carlos Santana and his new wife Cindy Blackman seem to be having a splendid marriage.

But certainly there is strong potential in Pig on Pig

Pig and Dog

Good chances for a long partnership as shown by the Clinton family with "Dog" Bill and his extremely smart "Pig" Hillary.

Good and lasting chances

Pig and Rooster

Female Rooster are extremely enjoyable for Pig males, but unfortunately male Rooster doesn´t seem laid back enough to trigger any desires at smart Pig year born Ladies.

Not that easy

Pig and Monkey

Not a bad idea at all and for sure they will have a lot of good fun at every level.

Great potential

Pig and Goat

One of very best partnership options for all levels with great fun in bed, where instant passion is likely to happen. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his wife "Goat" Jane Skinner seem to be a very happy couple with their two kids. And certainly Goat Vin Diesel and Paloma Jiménez are a fine example just like Maxima and Goat Prince Alexander.

Obviously a wonderful match

Pig and Horse

Certainly a good combination as long as the Pig enjoys pleasing the Horse, which usually wants to dominate. And since 2015 Mila Kunis seems to be very happy with Horse Ashton Kutcher.

Promising match

Pig and Snake

A pleasant and sunny partnership is most likely to be the outcome as Pigs can easily adapt to the Snake concept. Gigi Hadid and her Snake Joe Jonas are a current celebrity example, which revels a fine opportunity.

Good potential

Pigs in Music

Chinese Horoscope Pig Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana is a true family man, but divorce has not remained fully alien to him. Meanwhile he has found a drumming wife with "Pig" Cindy Blackman, so that touring has become kind of different for one of the best guitar players in the world.

Rare photos

Pigs in Sport

Chinese Horoscope Pig Vitali Klitschko
Vitali Klitschko and Pete Sampras seem to be enjoying their marriages since a very long time.

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