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Pigs in the 2016 Monkey Year

Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald had been the game MVP, who had pulled his Cardinals into the last 4 teams of the NFL playoffs.

Pigs in the 2015 Goat Year

Vitali Klitschko has lost the World Bowxing title against Dragon Tyson Fury.

Roberta Vinci has lost the U.S. Open final against "Dog" Flavia Pennetta just like Kim Clijsters back in the last year of the Goat in 2003, who had lost against "Dog" Justine Henin. In 2015 the loser had been "Pig" Roberta Vinci.

Pigs in the 2014 Horse Year

AOL founder Tim Armstrong is delighted about his $59m bonus.

NBC anchor Brian Williams has got caught with some lies and a faked coverage from Iraq.

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti did win the Champions League and he has been the top Pig of 2014.

Elton John has married his Tiger Lover David Furnish.

Stella McCartney has triggered a shitstorm by having selected some extremely skinny models.

Cranberries-Singer Dolores O'Riordan had attacked and injured a Stewardess.

Young Australian Nick Kyrgios took Tiger Nadal out of Wimbledon 2014.

Steven Patrick Morrissey had stormed the Amzon sales charts, but Hillary Clinton caught a parking ticket and TV Star Lee Thompson Young commented suicide at 29.

Real coach Carlo Ancelotti won the 2014 Champions League while Dutch Robin van Persie became England's best performing striker.

Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisan became the Junta leader in Thailand.

Pigs at the FIFA World Cup

German defender Philipp Lahm won the title while Robin van Persie & Arjen Robben did demolish former Champion Spain at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil with 4:1.

With only three wins the Pig managers had not impressed while the players had looked good with 16 goals, though Brazilian Fred, who had only caught attention after his faked foul in the opening match.

The 2014 Pig's Super Bowl

Feb 2 in 2014 saw 2 Pig quarterbacks with Peyton Manning for the Denver Broncos, who got demolished by the Seahawks defense with Russell Wilson.


Pigs in the 2013 Snake Year

The Pig had been the Symbol of the year with some incredible success illustrated by the backbone of the 2013 soccer team of the year at Bayern Munich, where Brazilian Dante, Dutch Arjan Robben, French Franck Ribery and German Philipp Lahm have won 5 big Titles against the biggest teams in Europe and the world.

Team spirit at it's best!

Kevin Rudd took over Australia from Ox Julia Gillard while in Brazil President Dilma Rousseff is facing large demonstrations.

Edward Snowden has become another Pig enemy for the White House and a global hero for lovers of freedom and privacy.

The 4 Bayern Munich Pigs Robben, Ribery, Lahm and Dante have won the Champions League.

Elton John got his second son and FHM has crowned Mila Kunis as "Sexiest Woman Alive".

Dutch striker Robin van Persie is currently the top rated player in the British Premier League.


Pigs in the 2012 Dragon Year

It wasn`t an easy year for many Pigs as shown by Mitt Romney who made a lot of mistakes when the Republican Party had great hopes on him and his rape expert Todd Akin to take over the White House.

Even Dragon Chuck Norris and legendary Horses such as Condi Rice and Clint Eastwood had been supporting him vividly and now the world even knows a new kind of talking style called "Eastwooding".

Lance Armstrong lost all of his 7 Tour de France titles for lifetime doping.

Julian Assange could not get out of his London embassy cage.

The top European soccer players Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben had messed up a lot of title chances in 2012.

Joel Tenenbaum was sentenced to $675.000 fine for having downloaded a few songs at Kaza a few years ago.

The first few weeks of the Dragon year had been fairly mixed for most Pigs and even the biggest boxer in the world, Vitali Klitschko had a very unpleasant start into the final period of his outstanding career.


Pigs in the 2011 Year of the Rabbit

The cozy Rabbit year had not been too bright for many Pigs and great news or wins were fairly rare.

95 born Laura Dekker had sailed around the world on her own to become a most amazing Pig of the Year.

The loser Pig of the Year had been nose tackle Kyle Williams, whose fumble did cost the 49rs a chance to enter Super Bowl.

Mitt Romney saw a few problems with his past career as well as German president Christian Wulff, who had even dared to threaten the press.

2011 brought another sad club 27 member with the death of Amy Winehouse and also the fall of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the worst news of the year.

Also Carlos Santana had faced a few clouds in his private life.

During the last year of the Rabbit in 1999 the Pigs had done very well with an Oscar for Kevin Spacey and once again in a Rabbit year the crown had gone to a Pig year born with Colin Firt.

Vitali Klitschko has remained the No.1 in boxing during 2011.

Arnold Schwarzenegger went for an expensive divorce.

Carlos Santana found new love.

Amy Winehouse has died.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made mvp while winning Super Bowl similar to Kurt Warner.

Alec Baldwin is aiming to enter politics and Ami Winehouse is doing great concerts in Brazil.

Nestle Manager Frederic Thiebaud has married Snake Shania Twain and Hollywood Star David Arquette had reported problems with booze.


Pigs in the 2010 Tiger Year

Kim Clijsters won the Masters and the US Open and she found new love like Rachel Weisz.

Prince William has announced wedding plans with Rooster Kate Middleton.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is aiming for retirement and Amy Winehouse was doing great concerts again.

Julian Assange became the Pig of the Tiger year and Hillary Clinton the top loser.

Elton John and Tiger husband David Furnish received a baby with the help of a hired mother

Amy Winehouse and Horse Blake Fielder-Civil had some new marriage plans until another man had stepped in.

At Football Club Bayern Munich 3 pigs rule the headlines with Franck Ribéry, Arjen Robben and Philipp Lahm. During the second half of the Tiger year Ribéry and Arjen Robben remained injured.

Arnold Schwarzenegger did announce his retirement.

Latino singer Ricky Martin has no more success at all.


Pigs in the 2009 year of the Ox

Ron Wood went back to booze after his young Russian Lolita had dropped him.

David Letterman had to admit a few affairs.

Hillary Clinton became the Foreign Secretary for Ox Obama.

Vitali Klitschko has once again won defended his World Champion title.

Ron Wood found new happiness living with a young Russian Lolita.


Chinese Horocope symbol Pig Blog

Best years for Pigs

Apparently the Pig year born are so flexible, that they can become successful in every year as shown by John McEnroe, who has won 77 ATP titles, what is the fourth most in Tennis history.

Chinese Horoscope charts

In the year of the Horse

Chinese Horoscope pig Pete Sampras

"Pistol Pig" Sampras did win his first Grand Slam title at the 1990 U.S. Open and exactlty 12 years later he retired after a win at the very same tournament in the 2002 Horse year.


In the year of the Dog

Chinese Horoscope Pig Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell assumed the NFL commissioner's office in the 2006 Dog year.




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