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Chinese Horoscope Pig character

Character and mentality of the Pig

In the Chinese Zodiac the Pig stands for a lot of luck and indeed, many of the Pig year born folks seem to be very gifted and often also very lucky.

Unforgettable remains Formula 1 pilot David Coulthardt, who had stepped of a badly crashed plane fully unharmed. And even his girlfriend wasn't injured at all.

.One may also remember the Super Bowl winning Kurt Warner, who had been throwing toilet paper to train his arm at a supermarket, where he had to work before the Rams were putting him on quarterback.

Ms. Pig

Ms. Pig is one of the most sociable characters and combining hard work with great fun is not at all alien to her.

Perhaps she is the most uncomplicated Lady, what may explain her popularity and the amount of friends and contacts she usually has.

In addition she is not a hometown girl at all, who likes to move out into the world for finding her kicks and fortune.

Even under pressure and in miserable financial conditions she knows how to enjoy life as well as she can recover fast from any problem.

Intuition and rapid anticipation are other impressive talents besides some frequently found reliability.

Rare are intellectual excursions and some higher interest in sports.

In love Ms. Pig can be very passionate once her bells are ringing.

But at the same time she can play things cool and simply move on to the next lover if things ain`t no longer smooth, cozy or lucrative.


The Pig men

Mr. Pig is gifted when it comes to tennis, computers and various other branches, where his steel made nerves can help a lot.

In fact versatility, flexibility and total precision can be delivered even under pressure.

Mr. Pig can also be a party animal thanks to his highly sociable and easy going character. He can be frank at times and his comments might even sound a bit cynical here and there.

For sure he can also be a bit rude, but usually it is not that bad at all as his heart is nearly always a good one.

Some may remember comments from John McEnroe or Richard Kraijcik from the Netherlands, which had been extremely direct in particular about women`s tennis.

Rare are intellectual excursions, while a passion for the supernatural is a lot more frequent.

A great side of Mr. Pig is his talent to relax and to enjoy, where no other sign can get even near his abilities.

Fortunately this doesn`t prevent him from being successful, though his ambition and range do not always guarantee the highest positions.

But this won`t matter, as most Pig yearn born are usually preferring the second line, where life can be a lot easier.


Chinese Horocope symbol pig

Pig head coaches

Absolutely dismal are the Super Bowl records of the Pig year born head coaches, who are the only ones, who have not even reached a Super Bowl and who are currently having problems, to find a job in the NFL.

On the other hand, they have proven to be superb defensive coordinators, but whenever they were upgraded to the head coach chair, their results were fairly disastrous as shown a several NFL teams.

Also at FIFA World Cups they are one out of four sign groups, who still need to demonstrate, that they can lead a team to championship glories.

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Top Pigs

Chinese Horoscope Pig Hillary Clinton

Ronald Reagon and Arnold Schwarzenegger have probably been the most famous Pig year born top guns in politics and now it will be interesting to see, if Hillary Clinton can make it back into the White House.

Top Pigs

Chinese Horoscope Pig Vitali Klitschko

Ukrainian top gun Vitali Klitschko has been the heavy weight boxing champion since more than 10 years and he rules his industry as cool as "Pistol Pig" Pete Sampras, who had dominated the World of Tennis for several years.

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