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The Chinese Zodiac is related to years and a look back shows, how the Dog year born folks have come through the last years.

Dogs in the 2016 Monkey Year

Pep Guardialo scored a well paid new job at ManCity and Gianni Infantino has replaced "Rat" Blatter as the head of the FIFA cartel.

Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump seem to enjoy barking at each other while Ted Cruz has won in Iowa before launching a verbal attack on CNN.

David Bowie has died of cancer at the age of 69.

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Best years for Dogs

The 2004 Goat year had been superb for Andrè Agassi, his successor Andy Roddick and also Justine Henin, who became the No. 1 in women's Tennis.

Dogs in the 2015 Goat Year

The 2015 Ladies final at the U.S. Open had looked like an exact replay of the 2003 final, which was won by Justine Henin against "Pig" Kim Clijsters while 2015 is saw "Pig" Roberta Vinci against Flavia Pennetta, who has of course won the match.

Donald Trump is likely to become the Dog of the Year while he seems to be dominating the American News and polls.

A bad NFL season opener was seen for the Steelers Ben Roethlisberger and Josh Scobee, who had managed to miss out on two field goal opportunities.

The Champions League duel between Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique went for the CF Barcelona as well as the final against Juve under "Goat" manager Massimiliano Allegri with "Goat" Andrea Pirlo.

Madonna got thrown off the stage at the Brit Awards by a clumsy dancer.

The NBA has sanctioned LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for some racist statements.

Dogs of the Year 2014 have been Bayern Munich's top football coach from Spain, Pep Guardiola and Chinese Na Li, who had won the Australian Open.

Dogs in the 2014 Horse Year

Justin Bieber has announced his retirement in conjunction with his new album.

Actress Lisa Robin Kelly did die during drug rehab at 43 and Fox anchor Lauren Green went down in TV history for one of the worst interviews ever.

The Champions League semi final was lost by coach Pep Guardiola Bayern Munich against Real Madrid while Atletico Madrid Coach Diego Siemeone had reached the final through a win against Rabbit Mourinho and Chelsea.

German Chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrueck had looked clumsy and he lost the election clearly.

Dogs at the FIFA World Cup

In Brazil the Dogs had been the top losers among the 12 symbols with only 5 goals scored during the entire tournament.

Furthermore, the Dog symbol had been the only one with not even one win for their managers.

Dogs in the 2013 Snake Year

Top soccer coach Pep Guardiola had started slow into the season with a loss against his strongest competitor, but finally, his team Bayern Munich did become a top force around Europe.

Dogs didn't have much fun in the Snake Year, but at least Li Na had reached the Final at the Australian Open where she lost against Snake Victoria Azarenka.

Dogs in the 2012 Dragon Year

Donald Trump had looked silly with his anti Obama posts after the U.S. election.

FC Chelsea coach Roberto di Matteo got fired and German chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrueck had looked greedy and clumsy.

Dogs ain't having much fun in the Dragon year though top coach Pep Guardiola was offered a €20 million job at Inter Milan after he had resigned at the CF Barcelona for some severe losses against Chelsea and Real.

US Porn Star Luka Magnotta had reminded of Charles Manson with executing animals.

Super Bowl 2012 brought another win for Dog Tom Coughlin with his Giants against l "Dragon" Bill Belichick.

Back in the last year of the Dragon Dog Jeff Fisher and the Titans were beaten by Super Bowl MVP Pig Kurt Warner and Rat Dick Vermeil the winning head coach at the Rams, who were called the greatest show on turf at that time.

Dogs in 2011 Year of the Rabbit

After a fairly disappointing year of the Tiger the Dogs had recovered well in 2011 with top star Justin Bieber fully on the case with a new movie and a large tour.

Very impressive had also been the story of French Open winner Na Li.

But already back in the last Rabbit year in 1999 the world saw a giant Andre Agassi winning the French Open, the US Open and the Australian Open.

Justin Bieber is bigger than ever and some girl had accused him of being the father of her baby.

Jessica Biel lost her "Monkey" Justin Timberlake and under severe Tsunami pressure was former Japanese President Naoto Kan.

Senator Gabrielle Giffords was severely injured by mad Dragon Jared Lee Loughner who had also killed 6 in Arizona.

Cher had cleaned up with "Burlesque" looking as fit as Madonna.

Dogs in the 2010 Tiger Year

Even CF Barcelona`s Super Coach Josep Guardiola had stumbled with the best team in the world at times despite Mega Rabbit Lionel Messi when Rabbit Jose Mourinho had defeated him with Inter Milan stealing his Champions League trophy.

Later he had demolished Mourinho by 5:0 after he had jumped over to Real Madrid, but the loss of the Champions League had been a big pain and loss during a fairly poor year for the Dogs.

Madonna has launched a chain of fitness studios, Mariah Carey was expecting a baby and Naomi Campbell had plans to get married to Russian construction Dragon Wladislaw Doronin.

4 coaches had failed poorly at the FIFA Football World Cup in South Africa with England's Fabio Capello as one of the greatest disappointments.

Dogs in the 2009 year of the Ox

Justin Henin is back into Tennis.

Andre Agassi has admitted the consumption of drug within his bio.

Coach Guardiola has dominated global Football with his CF Barcelona winning all available titles

Rubens Barrichello made second place within the Formula 1 season.

Michael Jackson has died after wrong medical treatment whist preparing 40 concerts.

Madonna has dumped her Monkey Guy Ritchie after an expensive divorce in exchange for young Rabbit Jesus.

George W. Bush had to leave the White House as the worst President of all times.

In the year of the Dragon

Chinese Horoscope Rubens Barrichello
Formula 1 driver Rubens Barrichello has won his first Grand Prix in the Dragon Year 2000 when David Bowie and Madonna were celebrating the birth of a child.



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