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Chinese Horoscope ideal partners for Dogs

Best partners for Dogs

The Chinese Zodiac shows, that the "Dogs" love stability and that they demand security and a lot more.

They can be some very reliable partners and often they are pretty much down to earth.

Dogs are usually curious and also enjoy when someone is taking them by their hand at times.

Special is of course the Dog Monkey relation, which seems to be very intriguing as shown by Madonna and her former husband Guy Ritchie, what had been a vivid example just like Jessica Biel and her "Monkey" Justin Timberlake.

Chinese Zodiac Horoscope symbol Dog

Dogs in Love

About Male Dogs

Mr. Dog is often an impressive speaker, who does build a lot of confidence in him and his competence.

But sometimes they have been taking things a bit too far and Elvis, Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson were never been portrayed as ideal partners, apart from their financial wealth.

About female Dogs

Hard work and explicit ambitions are frequent among the Dog year born ladies, what does not make them look like great housewives.

Chinesisches Horoskop

... Dog relationship ...

Dog males are often real family men and they expect a lot from their Ladies. At the same time the Dog Ladies are often very industrious and they tend to like having a career on their own, what does not allow much time for the family.

More Dog trends

Dog and Dragon

Dogs need a great amount of reliability and they insist on some sort of delivery, what may cause frustration when nonchalant Dragons reject responsibilities.

Not a great idea

Dog and Rabbit

Not too bad, but their feelings and languages might be a little bit too different. Brigitte Nielsen and Dog Sylvester Stallone had only lasted for some time and both went for stray.

There are better options

Dog and Tiger

Claudia Dog Schiffer and "Tiger" Tim Jefferies blew a great chance while Naomi can`t get enough of Tigers as shown by her flings with Briatore and Robbie Williams.

And male Dogs might smell passion, but a Tigress girls won`t be that easy to control.

Chances and problems

Dog and Ox

Family values and reliability is what they can share to the fullest, though at times the intellectual side of the Dog might get bored for a bit, but besides that,

One of the better options

Dog and Rat

One of the very best options for passionate Dogs and the Rat will always take care of food and finances as long as their communication remains friendly.

This could work

Dog and Pig

Some pretty good solution as introduced by the Clinton family with Bill & Hillary.

Potential exists

Dog and Dog

George W. and Laura Bush have been together since a while just like Donald Trump and Melania Knauss.

Simply made for each other

Dog and Rooster

They meet often. Elvis found chicken Priscilla and Prince got off on chicken Sheila E while Andre Agassi did marry chicken Steffi. And how sad, that chances are often not that big.

There is potential

Dog and Monkey

Monkeys drive Dogs dizzy, but nevertheless Mariah Carey and Madonna had felt well entertained by their Monkeys Guy Ritchie and Marc Anthony. Also the Sharon Dog Stone meets Michael Monkey Douglas scene will always be remembered.

There is a large potential

Dog and Goat

Dogs can`t cope with goat craze as shown by Pamela Anderson and her Kid Rock and things ain`t easy when these symbols meet. And now Mariah Carey seems to be having problems with her Aussie billiuonaire James Packer.

Limited chances

Dog and Horse

Positive at many levels and both will share an extended social life. But some Dogs have a fairly high intellectual demand as they can be deep thinkers while the Horse loves it more physical. But lasting marriages are not rare at all and relationships

That m ay work well

Dog and Snake

Chances are slim, but somehow Dogs seem to respect the wise Snakes.

Limited potential

Dogs and marriage

Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Dog Ralf Moeller
German Gladiator Dog Ralf Moeller has been married to his spouse "Horse" Annette since 1989.

Gay Dogs

Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Dog Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani and Freddie Mercury stand for the gay wing of the Dog year born males and millions of fans have enjoyed their artistic contributions.



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