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Chinese Horoscope Dog character

Character and mentality of the Dog

One of the most energetic symbols inside the Chinese Zodiac is certainly the Dog.

Ms. Dog

Dog year born ladies are often hard working and very disciplined women, who can climb up on any mountain.

She is reliable, anticipates fast and has a lot of courage.

Naomi, Madonna, Mariah Carey and Claudia Schiffer are surely with the biggest names in show biz and their lovers or husbands are having rough days more often than once.

Dating a Naomi may require certainly a little bit more in your purse, just to explain, that lovers are required to be successful men to allow her to be a bit more demanding at times.

Outstanding are of course her high intelligence and professionalism, which both can help a lot, wherever her ambitions are taking her.

Madonna on tour is still an amazing event and her fitness and power show are tremendous.

Needless to say, that Dog Ladies are rarely an easy relaxed partner and similar to most of those dogs with four legs.

Certainly the Dog year born ladies want to feel looked after whenever they are not out on their own to explore the world.


Male Dogs

Mr. Dog is also a hard worker with the chance to become very popular as a result of his sociable character.

He is into party hearty at times to balance his wide range of industrious activities, which can lead him to so many different playgrounds.

Business, music, car racing, tennis, soccer, American Football and loads of other subjects can suit the ambitious Dog Men well.

Dogs can also be a bit conservative, what helps them to come across so well on Television, where so many of them are having a lot of success.

Considering, that they cover all popular mass entertainment businesses with Andre Agassi, Prince, Michael Jackson and even the White House, this Chinese symbol is surely with the absolute Superstars in America, where now Donald Trump wants to become the next President.


Chinese Zodiac Horocope symbol Dog

Dogs in Sports

Maria Sabatini, Justine Henin, Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Andy Roddick and Sergi Bruguera have been world class in Tennis, what seems to have become their favorite sport in recent years.

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Mr. Dog

Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Dog Brian Baldinger

American NFL Football on TV is widely associated with former Dallas Cowboys' Brian Baldinger, who had also traveled to the NFL Europe many times.

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