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Monkeys in the 2016 Monkey Year

Alicia Keys has stepped up big with a much improved look after she had dropped her cosmetics.

Jerry Hall had started well into her big year with her marriage to Rupert Murdoch, who became her second Goat husband after Mick Jagger.

Soccer star Neymar is having big problems with tax authorities in Brazil, which have frozen all of his assets.

Within only a few days Céline Dion has lost her husband and brother through cancer.

There is no more Monkey year born quarterback in the current NFL playoffs after Eli Manning and Odell Beckham have flopped at the Giants and 49ers while Jeremy Hill took his Bengals out of the race with his late fumble. Also the Vikings went down with qb Terry Bridgewater.

Jennifer Anniston has married "Pig" Justin Theroux.

Monkeys in the 2015 Goat Year

The two NFL quarterbacks Tony Romo and Eli Manning are facing some serious obstacles from the injury in Dallas to the lose defense in New York.

UK's Olympic medalist Sebastian Coe became the new head of the IAAF.

Neymar had a brilliant season with having won the Champions League and the La Liga with his CF Barcelona.

As announced, the Year of the Goat had started well with an Oscar for Patricia Arquette for the best supporting female role.

Selena Gomez got caught up in problems caused by some tacky photos, which were made during her trip to Abu Dhabi.

Monkeys in the 2014 Horse Year

Monkey of the Horse year 2014 has been soccer player Mario Goetze, who had scored at the World Cup in Brazil the winning golden goal for Germany when he outplayed a tough Argentinean defense, that was led by Martin Demichelis.

Joe Cocker died at 70.

Rolene Strauss from Southafrica became Miss World 2014 and Miley Cyrus received an MTV award.

Marie le Pen impressed at the EU election.

Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher got finally released from hospital after his disastrous accident on a French slope.

Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake were the hottest top acts at the MTV Awards but overall, Monkeys don't seem to have an easy life in these days, as shown by Anastacia and Steve Ballmer, who is going to retire at Microsoft.


Monkeys at the FIFA World Cup

Mario Goetze had scored the golden goal for Germany at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

And after an ugly foul the Brazilian superstar Neymar had not been able to play in order to prevent a historic 1:7 loss against the Germans.

However, Neymar had scored four out of 15 Monkey goals, which earned his sign group into the midfield rank among the World cup strikers, while the Monkey year born managers from France and Mexico were able to win at least five games.

Monkeys in the 2013 Snake Year

The CF Barcelona took Brazil`s top football player Neymar for 57 million Euro and Bayern Munich has bought Mario Goetze for 37 million.

Christoph Waltz won his 2. Oscar for Django unchained.

Jamie Dimon has burnt billions at JP Morgan.


Monkeys in the 2012 Dragon Year

German Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher has ended his career with a dismal last season.

Tom Hanks gave us a new movie and he had a bad time on German TV alongside "Horse" Halle Berry.

Top Gun director Tony Scott has committed suicide.

New York Giants qb Eli Manning has won the 2012 Dragon Super Bowl against Snake Tom Brady.

Elizabeth Taylor has died and notorious pedophile Gary Glitter had a hit in Australia.

Christina Aguilera had to spend a few hours at a police station after she was caught drunk and helpless somewhere in Hollywood.

India's government leader Mammohan Singh is facing a $39 billion scam.

Christina Aguilera has a fine success with "Burlesque" and she admitted to enjoy some kind of kinky sex vibes as well.

Iran's Mahmud Ahmadinedschad has invited various countries for nuclear inspections except for President Ox Obama.

Monkey Love

Jennifer Anniston had replaced their lover and Chelsea Clinton with her Snake Marc Mezvinsky even heard wedding bells.

Gianna Nannini is receiving a baby at the age of 54 and Jerry Hall remembers her ex husband Goat Mick Jagger for being a savage beast in bed.


Monkeys in 2011 Year of the Rabbit

Monkeys like former yahoo top gun Jerry Yang gun are seeing a mixed ending of the year of the Rabbit which had started off well with great fun for Christina Aguilera and Italian Bunga Bunga star Ruby Rubacuori who had become the top act at the Opera Ball in Vienna after her lucrative fling with former Italian rat president Silvio Berlusconi.

But then things went low for many Monkeys and only a few had come out well and even the great Michele Bachmann gave up on her White House plans.

Even a Michael Schumacher had to struggle a lot while UK boxing star David Haye even resigned after his loss against Dragon Vladimir Klitschko.

During the last year of the Rabbit in 1999 it had been ice driver Mika Haekkinen who had grabbed the Formula 1 Championship title.


Monkeys in the 2010 Tiger Year

Monkeys finished the Year of the Tiger unexpectedly somewhere in midfield with not many big wins and only a few casualties.

Monkey of the Year honors went to expanding Red Bull Titan Dietrich Mateschitz who had scored the Formula Championship with Rabbit Sebastian Vettel and Dragon Mark Webber ahead of giant Ferrari.

Christoph Waltz had scored an Oscar and losing Monkey of the year had been Ebay's Meg Whitman who had failed to grab Pig Schwarzenegger's role.

Francesca Schiavone won the French open.

Michael Douglas reported cancer.

In Holland the Jan Peter Balkenende administration had to step back.

John Terry got axed in England after his flings became pubic.

Christoph Waltz had scored an Oscar.

Michael Schumacher returned to Mercedes in Formula 1, Guy Ritchie had a huge success with his crisp Sherlock Holmes remake and Jennifer Aniston is back into flirts.

David Haye won the WBA Boxing title against Ox Nikolai Valuev and Gisèle Buendchen celebrates her baby.

Hard hitting Rebekah Wade became the personal top gun in UK media for Goat Rupie Murdock.


Monkeys in the 2009 year of the Ox


Venus Williams has won the Masters and Miriam Makeba has died.

Jerry Yang`s is out of Yahoo control.

Guy Ritchie has freed himself from Old-timer Dog Madonna with also a $100 million purse for old age.

Venus Williams scored her 5th Wimbledon title against sister Rooster Serena.

Will Smith is the top earner in Hollywood with $80 million per film.

Jerry Yang`s Yahoo shares are going down.

Gisèle Buendchen is again the best earning model in the world with $35 million.

The IT world enjoys the fight between Microsoft`s Steve Ballmer and Jerry Yahoo Yang.

Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick lost his job after being involved in illegal dog fights and Marihuana consumption. He also has to pay back $20 million.


Chinese Horocope symbol Monkey

Best years for Monkeys

Important years for the Monkey year born folks are those of the Dragon, Snake and Horse, in which Michael Schumacher and Venus Williams had a wonderful time.

Venus became the No. 1 in Tennis and the German Formula 1 legend had started to win five championships in a row.

Twelve years later in the 2013 Snake year Michael Schumacher had an unfortunate skiing accident, from which he still hasn't recovered as yet.

And in the very same time Venus Williams suffered from a bad back injury, what shows, that the years of the Snake can be very good or very bad.

Also the Years of the Tiger seem to be good for the Monkeys as in 1962 the Italian Fashion designer Valentino had scored his breakthrough.

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In the year of the Goat

Chinese Horoscope Monkey Douglas Graber

Douglas Graber had finally won the World Bowl in the 2003 Goat year with Frankfurt Galaxy, from where he was able to climb up to the New York Jets.

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And also French President Jaques Chirac had a good time enjoying new twins with his wife passionate "Rooster" Bernadette.





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