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Chinese Horoscope ideal partners for Monkeys

Best partners for Monkey

In relationships Monkey business is great fun at nearly all levels as boredom is absolutely excluded.

Female and male Monkey year born folks are with the liveliest characters within the Chinese Zodiac and they can be found in almost any sport, where they can unfold their energy and their cleverness.

Anyone, who is seeking an intelligent and adventurous partner will be well off with a Monkey year born lover.

But they have to be aware, that a lot of intense communication will be required at all levels.

At the same time Ms. Monkey is usually a very reliable and fairly relaxed partner, except for those, who are born between August and November.

In fact these Ladies are absolutely fascinating and highly adventurous, but they are usually having problems in keeping their relationships alive.

Chinese Zodiac symbol Monkey

Monkey relationships

Chinese Horocope Rooster

Michael Schumacher stands for a long and solid marriage with his wife Rooster Corinna, what is in fact the same combination that has kept Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones so very happy over many years.

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About Mr. Monkey

Mr. Monkey is charming, passionate and he enjoys adventure and competition at every level, what may even qualify him at times to challenge the No. 1 Gigolo, the Rat.

Apparently some of them are replacing their women from time to time by younger variations as shown by Rod Stewart and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.

And also Michael Douglas had even been longing for some treatment against his sexual urge until he had found his ideal partner Rooster Catherine Zeta Jones, who had often talked about the immense pleasure that both of them were enjoying so frequently all day and all of the night.

About Ms. Monkey

Ms. Monkey is very intelligent, has a giant memory bank and some of them like to party every minute.

In a relationship she surely wants it all and her partners have to come up with some serious talents.

Her love feels very warm, sometimes complicated and often very passionate.

Monkey and Dragon

An ultimate couple right from the start and similar to the classic Monkey/Rat relationship where also both enjoy being social and having fun while making money as well by using their brains.

One of the best options, though male Dragons might feel pressured to deliver more at times.

Monkey and Rabbit

Why not, but Monkeys have to slow down to make a Rabbit feel comfortable.

Usually male Monkeys feel attracted by Ms. Rabbit, but after some time, they might get on each others nerves due to their different life concepts.

And Mr. Rabbit might even reject a Ms. Monkey for her cleverness and mental independence.

There is some limited potential

Monkey and Tiger

Monkeys laugh a lot about the often much to serious Tigers, who might instantly escape back into their solitude.

Gisele Buendchen had tried it with her notorious Party Tiger Leonardo DiCaprio for five partly painful years.

Not easy at all

Monkey and Ox

Monkeys will confuse and stress the Oxen to their very limits, but usually Ms. and also Mr. Monkey will realize instantly, when they are climbing up on an Ox and not on a nice tree. However it took Jessica Simpson a while to find out, that her marriage with "Ox" Nick Lachey had been a mistake, as she had later admitted. And the same applied to Jamie Hince, who got sacked by his Ox model Kate Moss.

Not easy at all

Monkey and Rat

One of the by far best and most promising encounters, where body and mind will find greatest pleasure.

When real soul mates inspire each other ...

Monkey and Pig

Somehow not a bad idea at all and they will have a lot of easy going fun as long as the Monkeys ain't pushing it too hard. Jennifer Anniston and "Pig" Justin Theroux have become the very latest celebrity couple.

Nice potential

Monkey and Dog

Monkeys drive Dogs dizzy, but nevertheless Mariah Carey and Madonna had seemed to be well entertained by Guy Ritchie and Marc Anthony. Also the Sharon "Dog" Stone meets Michael Monkey Douglas scene will always be remembered as hot.

There is potential

Monkey and Rooster

Male Rooster has no chance at Ms. Monkey but male Monkeys enjoy a very fine sex life with a passionate Rooster Lady. That`s why Britney will never forget her Ex-Monkey Justin Timberlake and why the marriages of Michael Douglas and Michael Schumacher have been so long and lasting.

Highest passion possible

Monkey and Monkey

Monkey and Monkey might be a little bit too wild, but at least a perfect recipe against boredom.

Fairly unusual, but hey, why not ?

Monkey and Goat

Great potential as shown by Danny Moder and his Goat Julia Roberts. But also by the "Goats" Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, who has been married to Patti Hansen since 1983 while Jerry Hall, who had often called her Rolling Stone Mick an animal in bed. And perhaps that had made her move on to Goat Rupert Murdoch.

Jessica Simpson has married 49ers TE "Goat" Eric Johnson. Also a Ms. Goat might be a good match for Monkey males

Serious passion is possible

Monkey and Horse

Not an easy option at all. Monkeys are thinking way to far and also too fast, what may drive those usually conservative Horses crazy within in minutes.

Limited potential

Monkey and Snake

A fairly unusual partnership, but hey, Gisele Buendchen is having fun with her "Snake" Tom Brady since 6 years and Miley Cyrus just got engaged with "Snake" Liam Hemsworth.

Not an easy one, but both are passionate and smart

Gary Stretch

Chinese Horoscope Monkey Gary Stretch
Champion boxer and movie star Gary Stretch stands for the strong and physical Monkeys and currently he is enjoying a wonderful relationship.

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Chinese Horoscope Monkey Shaggy
Hardly anyone has realized that Mr. Lover Lover Shaggy has been a family man with wife and kids since many years though he openly said it in an exclusive web62.com interview, that he loves to be "where the chicks and the cheerleaders are".


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