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Chinese Horoscope Monkey character

Monkey Character and mentality

In the Chinese Zodiac the Monkey symbol stands for action and often also for a very creative touch of provocation, like shown by many great film directors from Frederico Fellini to Jonathan Demme and most modern and funky Guy Ritchie.

Unforgettable remain America's defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who had been "Dog" W. Bush's best sales manager and Yahoo's Jerry Yang, who both had failed to come up with something solid and substantial by the end of the day.

Steve Ballmer had been the master at Microsoft, where products such as Vista and others were attached to his reign.

All three are looking back at an outstanding career and rise to the top thanks to their outstanding presentation skills and the ability to close in fast on any promising opportunity.

Rapid decisions are also popular among the Monkey year born Ladies, who seem to be the fastest when it comes to selecting a new lover..


Ms. Monkey

She is often hot stuff and perhaps the most dynamic and entertaining, but also politically active woman that can be found. For example the French right wing leader Marie le Pen and Tea Party icon Michele Bachmann are very lively and they can pull masses behind them like Miley Cyrus.

She is wild, she is crazy, very powerful, full of energy and an excellent companion to have fun with.

But being so smart and intelligent can be an overdose for those lads, who like things to be more quiet and in some regular order.

Doing sports with her or going out for a dance or any kind of discovery is greatest fun as her wide range of interests and intelligence are safe bets for an inspiring time.

At work Ms. Monkey can be very successful and she is able to jump up to the highest ranks.

In particular the world of Tennis has been dominated by Monkey ladies such as Venus Williams, Martina Navratilova, Martina Hingis, Jana Novotna, Zina Garrison and several others, who were challenging the "Rooster" giants Steffi Graf and Serena Williams.

Those Monkey ladies born around the beginning of the year are easy going and gentle, while the later ones are more wild and adventurous.

Especially those, who are born in the Scorpio month enjoy a very passionate love life, that is normally full of hottest excitement and tragedies.


Mr. Monkey

Mr. Monkey is one of the most gifted and interesting fellows to be explored among the twelve symbols.

Intellectually he is often impressive and equipped with tons of energy and superb linguistic skills he is usually qualified to deliver some sort of solutions in many fields.

Business, politics, sports, on the screen and in almost any kind of profession he can produce spectacular results, though sometimes his concept can be a little fragile.

He is great when it comes to observing, to fast decisions and getting into action, while results depend sometimes on luck, rather than a well built foundation. That's why men's Tennis had only seen one super star with Bjoern Borg, who had enough patience for long battles.

Amazing is also his uncompromising temper and and some hard core humor, which may even hurt at times while he is only trying to keep the conversation exciting.

In fact Mr. Monkey is the true born radical and whoever likes intelligent action should meet him first.

Sometimes he even might fall on his back, but he will always stand up fast.

Chinese Horocope symbol Monkey

Monkeys in Sports

Chinese Horocope

Monkey year born folks are often great solo artists, from Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher to Tennis with Bjoern Borg and Martina Navratilova, NFL Football with to Joe Montana, Eli Manning and Brad Johnson while not a single Monkey Year born head coach has won a Super Bowl.

Also in FIFA Football there has only been one Monkey Year born coach, who has been able to win the World Cup, and that was back in 1950 Juan López Fontana with Uruguay.

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Monkeys on TV

Chinese Horoscope Monkey Verona

German TV star Verona had a variety of shows before she went back into family life with her "Rooster" year born husband.

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