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Chinese Horoscope ideal partners for a Horses

Best partners for the Horse

Finding an ideal partnership is fairly easy for all those, who were born in years of the Horse.

But the strong and undisputed leadership abilities of the Horse year born sign group are most obviously requiring a partner, who can enjoy a more supportive and obedient role within a relationship.

.In exchange the Horse is often providing a large amount of stability and financial security, what does attract a variety of potential partners, who desire a well protected and comfortable life.

Chinese Horoscope symbol Horse

Horse relationship

About Male Horses

Horse men are mostly strong minded and often very conservative fellows, who seem to be natural born leaders as shown by all those famous politicians, who are currently leading many countries such as Egypt, Turkey, England and France besides Joe Biden being the Vice President of the U.S.

Usually they remain fit and flexible until old age, what attracts even much younger women as demonstrated by Sean Connery or the former German chancellor Helmut Kohl, whose predecessor has just celebrated his 96th birthday.

About Female Horses

However, one has to mention, that there are some Horse year born ladies around, who report difficulties in finding a good match.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence complains about lovers not being nice or too shy with her, what seems similar to Sinehead O'Connors and her male encounters.

Horse Ladies can be a real men eater, who can maintain a whole group of fans and occasional lovers at the same time.

Of course, that is not always the case, and most of them can be loyal and honest.

Obviously all Horse year born Ladies are fun orientated and fairly flexible when it comes to selecting partners.

First choice could be Goat and Monkey, but also Rat, Ox and Tiger would be a good choice.

Chinese Horocope charts

Horse ladies are often showing some very strong ego combined with extreme career ambitions, which can take them into highest government and management circles, even when lacking any real qualifications.

In particular the 1966 Fire Horse can be fairly moody and they might suffer from various symptoms, which may even require treatment in the worst cases.

But once they have found a passionate Goat or Dragon lover some tremendous excitement and fulfillment can boost their romantic life to unknown heights.

Mr. Horse seems to be a fairly reliable, but highly demanding partner, who usually expects some solid commitment combined with a complete understanding and support at all levels.

More trends

Horse and Dragon

There is some wonderful potential, because most Horses respect and enjoy the Dragons and vice versa. But unfortunately the male masters of illusions may disappoint, when spending not enough care on his passionate Horse Lady.

At the same time many Dragon Ladies may enjoy a strong Horse as he can be a solid leader into an impressive lifestyle.

And Dragon Diane Kruger had at least a 10 years marriage with her Joshua Jackson.

One of the best choices

Horse and Rabbit

Kind of unusual, but chances are as long as the Horse can set the rules.

But Horse males might not be sensitive enough for the Rabbit girls while tough Horse Ladies may enjoy having a Rabbit, at least for some time and as long as he will be doing the household.

Why not?

Horse and Tiger

Theoretically a perfect match, as both are often described as soul mates. But in reality things might not be that easy.

They even may attract each other instantly, but relationships involve severe risks and are unlikely to last.

Neither a female, nor a male Tiger can be dominated, so that the Horse will move on to find more understanding and support.

But chances are

Horse and Ox

That may work well based on a lot of common grounds.

Both are sharing conservative values and the Oxen are surely able to work for the family once they had enough of the party life.

The most solid option

Horse and Rat

In particular for Lady Horse a wonderful chance but also Bernie Ecclestone was having a lot of fun with his former Rat Slavica.

Both are sharing their affinity for materialistic values and immaculate outfits, so that even excessive shopping trips are likely to become some fantastic entertainment.

Another fine option

Horse and Pig

Certainly a promising combination as most Pig year born are able to support and follow a wealthy Horse and Pig Mila Kunis seems to make Ashton Kutcher very happy.

Not bad at all.

Horse and Dog

Positive at many levels and both will share an extended social life. But some Dogs have a fairly high intellectual demand as they can be deep thinkers while the Horse loves it more physical. But lasting marriages are not rare at all and relationships

may work well

Horse and Rooster

Some certain potential exists, when looking at the long, but unhappy marriage of former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who had neglected his Rooster Lady so much, that she had fallen in severe depressions.

For sure the Rooster Ladies will appreciate financial wealth and security, but their wonderful passion and emotions are likely to turn into pain while male Rooster and Horse Ladies seem to have much better chances, though none of them will be able to play a supportive role.

Many obstacles

Horse and Monkey

Not a good idea at all and some marriages did only last for a week.

Monkeys are likely to drive a Horse dizzy almost instantly and their mindsets are totally different.

Very limited potential

Horse and Goat

Barbara and Boris "Goat Becker" had been a passionate couple for many years until the Tennis Champ went for fling at Wimbledon.

On the other side Paul McCartney and Heather Mills had become a sad case in the end while sexy Goat Kate Hudson with Rock Horse Chris Robinson did last for a few years.

Other famous Goat and Horse couples are Bruce Willis with Emma Hemming and Jenson Button with model Brittny Ward.

It all might start very hot, but then some problems may arise

Horse on Horse

Not a bad idea as Horses can form great teams. But who will play the supportive role and take care of the house. In fact Halle Berry and Eric Benét have ended their episode not in best harmony.

But why not?

Horse and Snake

It is possible, that they can meet though Snakes are mostly very sensitive and Horses can be rude and demanding at times. And now "Snake" Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry have announced their divorce.

An unusual combination

Horses in the NFL

Chinese Horoscope Horse Troy Aikman
Dallas Cowboys' Troy Aikman had been a family man for 10 years until his wife went on booze.

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Horses in Music

Chinese Horoscope Horse Nana Tuffour
Highlife Superstar Nana Tuffour has never been a fan of marriage.

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