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Dragon character and mentality of the

In the Chinese Astrology the Oxen are expected to be something like "the preservers", what may explain, that the "Change" slogan of Barack Obama wasn't about instant or drastic changes and why the Guantanamo Bay prison is still a part of America's policy.

Ms. Dragon

When it comes to a career in business or sports, it might be impossible, not to meet some Dragon Ladies in highest positions.

They adapt rapidly, know how to impress, and deliver even a lot more consistancy and well founded contribution than their male counterparts, from which a lot tend to be a bit sloppy at times.

In a partnership their lovers or husbands should not expect a couch potato or a hermit in the kitchen. Needless to say, that being on the permanently on the move is an essential outlet for her tremendous fantasies.

Also parties seem to be generally made for Dragons, as they love communication a lot, as that provides them with inspiration and information, which could be beneficial in this way or the other.

Being with a Dragon Lady certainly excludes the word boredom at all levels.

Don Dragon

That Dragon Tom Jones has frequently been called "Tiger Tom" may express their exceptional talent for triggering sympathy and respect instantly.

Dragon males also seem to love a luxurious lifestyle as shown by former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, who had arrived at least by helicopter when NFL team owners were only coming in their poshest cars.

One may call this "Dragonsports". :-))

Experts of the Chinese Horoscopes know, that some parts of the mighty Dragon might have been built on "hot air, but his charming and entertaining character is such a strong asset, that the majority of people enjoy his entertaining company and his mostly smart contributions.

Mr. Dragon doesn`t even have to be physically large. Even the "shorter ones" cause rising eyebrows with their industriousness and open mentality.

They also benefit from having fun while traveling, which feeds them with fresh ideas, which they love to integrate into their various projects and projections.

Even hard work they don`t dread, but some capable assistants are usually required to make things work.

Being on his own is often not that productive for many Dragons, but usually it is so very easy for them to find a perfectly matching playground.


Chinese Horocope symbol Dragon

Dragon head coaches

Chinese Horocope

Very impressive are the Super Bowl records of the Dragon year born head coaches, who have won the second most championships by being brilliant motivators for their teams.

Most obviously they can make teams fly faster and six appearances for four wins only by Bill Belichik mean, that he has played at around 15% of all 49 Super Bowls.

Furthermore NFL fans will remember those multiple champion coaches Joe Gibbs and Mike Shanahan while the NFL Europe has even beenfully dominated by Dragon year born head coaches.

At one time they had managed to win five World Bowls in a row with the "mad bomber" Dick Curl, Galen Hall and Peter Vaas and one may wonder, why these highly gifted head coaches weren't hired by NFL teams instead of those, who were born in years, that have yet failed to give us any Super Bowl winning head coach.

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Top Dragons

Chinese Horoscope Dragon Paul Tagliabue

Newsweek had named Paul Tagliabue the "Mightiest Man in Sports" and for certain any NFL Commissioner has to be a lot more, than only a "Master of Illusions" to run the most exclusive billionaires Club in the World.

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Top Dragons

Chinese Horoscope Dragon Bryan Lunt

Absolute World founder and chairman Bryan Lunt is running an international team of over 1.000 experts in several countries and his expertise in Golf is surely impressive.

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