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Chinese Horoscope ideal partners for Dragons

Best partners for Dragons

Most Dragons impress in conversations as they are some of the most sociable and glamorous partners.

Some male Dragons love it very much, when their ladies are helping them to organize their industrious life while Dragon Ladies are more likely to be looking for a strong shoulder and someone to dedicate their life to.

Chinese Horocope symbol Dragon

About Female Dragons

Ms. Dragon is often artistic and a very flexible lover, but she expects her man to be at her command, what might not work with several symbols, though some seem to enjoy servicing a fairly demanding Lady.

About Male Dragons

In terms of ideal partnership their classic soul mates Rat and Monkey seem to come first, but also Tiger, Snake, Goat and Horse Ladies won't have any problems to seduce a Dragon. For how long it may last, is surely another question.

Surely it is easier to find a Dragon, than keeping one.

Chinesisches Horoskop

... Dragon relationship ...

The name Dragon does not create much trust in reliability, but once Dragons feel fully engaged, they can turn out as some very reliable partners.


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Dragon on Dragon

Why not, but who will assist and who will do the work? Still, an easy combination, in which both will understand each other blindly, but their argues could be pretty lively.

Otstanding are certainly Huma Abedin and her horny husband Anthony Weiner.

Anyway, a fine match.

Dragon and Rabbit

Dragons might be a little too lively and flying too high for more down to earth Rabbits, who can also be very demanding.

A doubtful option, but chances are.

Dragon and Tiger

They will attract and enjoy each other, but not without the risk of violent argues when Mr. Dragon and Ms. Dragon start to like each other.

But also the Dragon Ladies won't have any problems with seducing a Tiger as shown by Adele and her Tiger Simon Konecki.

A terrific flirt factor is almost guaranteed.

Dragon and Ox

They do impress each other, but sometimes not for long as Oxen stand for most down to earth and Dragons for the highest flights.

The flirt might be superb, but having a future means some sort of compromise in many cases.

Dragon and Rat

A superb couple as both enjoy being social and having fun to the max as displayed by Maria Schneider in the "Last Tango" Movie with "Rat" Marlon Brando.

Even U.S. 4 Star General David Patraeus had fallen to hot "Rat" Paula Broadwell, who might indeed be a much more sensual encounter than his loyal Tiger Year born wife.

As a couple both are able to make money by using their brains and bodies.

Certainly one of the very best options for Dragons.

Dragon and Pig

Difficult but possible, when Mr. Pig will be a good assistant and when Mr. Dragon will need to find sufficient time to deliver, what Ms. Piggies needs in large amounts.

Not bad at all.

Dragon and Dog

Difficult and almost impossible. They may even end up with hatred and drive each other nuts.

Overall very doubtful, but small chances are.

Dragon and Rooster

Ms. Chicken will be impressed at first sight and so will be Mrs. Dragon. John & Yoko had great fun staying in a bed for a week, but in the long run the Dragon may feel bored and Ms. Chicken will cry for more love.

Anyway, not too bad at all.

Dragon and Monkey

An ultimate couple right next to the classic Dragon and Rat relationship.

One of the best options for both.

Dragon and Goat

Mr. Dragon will enjoy Ms. Goat a lot and also vice versa as a very friendly vibe is almost guaranteed, especially when it comes to passion and fantasies as shown by Lenny Kravitz and Nicole Kidman or L'Wren Scott and Mick Jagger.

Certainly a nice match.

Dragon and Horse

Not too bad at all, when thinking of results such as the Beatles with Dragon John and Horse Paul.

But also the regular female male exchange between these two symbols is promising as many Horse Ladies are born to fall for Dragon males.

And also Diane Kruger was able to enjoy a 10 years marriage with her "Horse" Joshua Jackson.

A very good match

Dragon and Snake

Snake Ladies will enjoy the charming Dragon, but when there is too much hot air in the room, things could turn messy and the Snake will roll on. More doubtful it gets, when a Dragon Lady wants to conquer a Snake man.

However, the World of music loves the legendary Jamaican "riddim twins" who have played drums and bass for no one less than Mick Jagger, Grace Jones, Joe Cocker and many others. And their names are Sly "Dragon" Dunbar and Robbie "Snake" Shakespear.

In addition the NFL action has been partly dominated by the collaboration of Bill Belichik with Patriots owner "Snake" Robert Kraft and his qb "Snake" Tom Brady

So, most obviously not a bad idea when Dragons and Snakes are teaming up.

Dragons in Music

Chinese Horoscope Dragon Oboja Adu
Dragon men can be some very fine show masters and entertainers, including Lenny Kravitz and also Oboja Adu from Ghana.


Dragons in Music

Chinese Horoscope Doro
Several Dragon Ladies like Rock star Doro, Rihanna, Shakira, Courtney Love and so on have found their way to the big stages.



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