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Dragons in the 2016 Monkey Year

Fox News founder Roger Ailes has fallen over sexual harassment allegations and Huma Abedin was getting criticized for he marriage with Anthony Weiner and now it seems to be over.

Diane Kruger has lost her Horse Joshua Jackson after a 10 years marriage.

Italian soccer legend Francesco Totti has declared, that he needs to have sex all day long and John Kasich wants to conquer the White House.

The NFL head coaches Bill Belichik and Bruce Arians have missed Super Bowl 50 after their losses against the two head coach Oxen Rivera and Kubiak, but senior quarterback Peyton Manning has won his second Championship game.

The Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico doesn't want Muslim immigrants in his country, referring to the rape riots in Cologne, Germany.

Tyson Fury became the new World Boxing Champion after his win against Wladimir Klitschko.

The two NFL Dragon head coaches Bill Belichik and Bruce Arians were flying towards Super Bowl 50 alongside the Dragon quarterbacks Peyton Manning, Kirk Cousins and Russel Wilson.

Russia's top Dragon Vladimir Putin get's on well with Snake Year born partner's who are ready to listen. Dmitry Medvedev has been his running mate since ages and now Bashar al-Assad has come on board of his international game plan.

Jack Dorsey is going through rough days as his Twitter shares have fallen to another record low.

4 Star Gen. David Patraeus got sentenced to two years on probation and a fine of $100k for leaking information to his reporter fling "Rat' Paula Broadwell, who had sweetened up his mission in Afghanistan.

South Korea's President Park Geun Hye was running a huge sound system at the border to blast her messages into North Korea.

Dragons in the 2014 Horse Year

As predicted, Bill Belichick has won his fourth Super Bowl with Snake Tom Brady against the Seahawks with Russell Wilson and Rabbit coach Pete Carroll.

Dragons of the Year had been singer Rihanna and German FIFA World Cup winning defender Mats Hummels.

Conchita Wurst from Austria has won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Stephen Colbert is the new David Letterman.

Ariel Sharon has left planet earth at a proud age of 85.

In Egypt Mohamed Mursi was taken down and into prison like before Hosni Mubarak.

Real Madrid has bought Snake Gareth Bale for 100 million Euro to replace German/Turkish top gun Mesut Ozil, while Snake Daniel Ricciardo has taken the Red Bull Formula 1 seat next to Champion Rabbit Vettel from the unlucky Aussie Mark Webber.

The first big clown of the year is Anthony Weiner, who has fumbled on his rush to become the mayor of New York over a fling with a chubby tattoo chick in freaky knickers.

Dragons at the FIFA World Cup

Five German Dragons have won the FIFA World Cup in Brazil with Ozil, Hummels, Hoewedes, Boateng and Grosskreutz.

Also impressive were the two Dragon managers Jorge Luis Pinto with Costa Rica and Juergen Klinsmann with Team USA in addition to the 17 goals, that were scored by Dragon year born players.

Still, the Dragons remain one of those four Zodiac symbols, which have never won a FIFA Word Cup despite several appearances in the finals like for example in 2010.

The 2014 Dragon's Super Bowl

Feb 2 in 2014 saw 2 Dragon quarterbacks with Peyton Manning for the Denver Broncos, who got demolished by the Seahawks defense with Russell Wilson.


Dragons in the 2013 Snake Year

Vladimir Putin has been the Dragon of the Year with his commitment to Pig Edward Snowden, the release of Pussy Riot and to peace keeping efforts in Arabia.

Rooster David Patraeus had to resign after his fling with sexy "Rat" Paula Broadwell had reached the limelight.

In Egypt President Mohamed Morsi has been aiming for the same kind of exit that Hosni Mubarak had to take.

Vladimir Putin has left his wife while suffering from bad Pussy Riot related PR.

Reese Witherspoon ended up in handcuffs after drunk driving and argues with police officers.

Protesters have killed the Realityshow of Rap Star Shawty Lo and his 11 kids and his 10 women.

Mallory Hytes Hagan is the new Miss America.

The top 2012 Dragon had been Roberto Mancini with his surprising Premier League title win at ManCity.


Dragons in their 2012 Dragon Year

Mark Webber had a miserable 2012 Formula 1 season.

Real Madrid manager "Rabbit" Mourinho had started with the demolition of Mesut Ozil.

Liam Neeson came with four movies into the theaters while Beasty Boys Adam Yauch has died from cancer at 47.

Manager Juergen Klinsmann lost with team America even against Jamaica and Dutch Bonds coach Bert Marwijk got fired after his disaster at the Euro Cup.

Top Dragon Vladimir Putin saw over 100.000 protesters, who came out despite some truly icy temperatures.

Bill Belichick lost the 2012 Dragon Super Bowl against Dog Tom Coughlin and the Giants.

Tennis champ del Potro had looked weak all year and German soccer legend Michael Ballack has managed to ruin his name and career with some fairly selfish behavior.

Maria Schneider has died Paris at the age of 58.


Dragons in 2011 Year of the Rabbit

Utter caution, care and sensitivity were required during the year of the Rabbit when details were so very important.

Fantastic had been the previous year of the Rabbit 1999 for Keanu Reeves when "The Matrix" had come out. Also Lindsay Davenport had greatest pleasure when winning Wimbledon and the Australian Open.

Shakira had lost her lover "Ox" Antonio de la Rua.

Republican candidate Rick Perry had wanted to shut down several ministries, but within a TV debate he had only been able to name three.

In fact 2011 was not a bright year for many Dragons like dictator Hosni Mubarak in Egypt or German soccer star Michael Ballack, who saw a divorce and a rough end of his national career after a long up hill struggle. Also Ballack's younger successor Mesut Osil at Real Madrid was feeling the pressure on Dragons.

Even Vladimir Putin in Moscow was facing severe resistance, so that 2011 had been a real test and preparation ground for the magical Dragon year 2012, designed to be used for some crucial expansion.


Dragons in the 2010 Tiger Year

The young Turkish German Football midfielder Mesut Osil at Real Madrid and a wealthy Indian Steel goddess at Fashion house Escada with the beautiful name Megha Mittal became the two Super Dragons of the 2010 Tiger Year.

Dumped before Christmas got Indian billionaire Arun Nayar by Snake Liz Hurley and "the Sexiest Man Alive" Ryan Reynolds by Rat Scarlett Johansson. Also the Dragon of the year Mesut Osil is once again open for some new love in Madrid.

Coach Bert van Marwijk conquered 2nd place at the FIFA Football World Cup in South Africa with Kung Fu Netherlands.

German Football Superstar and Premier League winner Michael Ballack had to miss out on the FIFA World Cup after a brute foul by "Rabbit" Kevin Prince Boateng from Ghana.

Italian Football Superstar Francesco Totti stepped into trouble after a brute foul and some racist remarks.

Mark Webber had lost his momentum to "Rabbit" Sebastian Vettel during the second half of the Formula 1 season.


Dragons in the 2009 year of the Ox

Sam Worthington had a huge success with Avatar.

Mickey Rourke earned a huge comeback with a Venice win for the "The Wrestler".

Del Potro has won the US Open against Rooster Roger Federer.

Porn superstar Sasha Grey has gone into Hollywood films after more than 160 hard core sex movies.

Mark Webber won his first Formula 1 Grand Prix in Germany after more than a 100 races.

FIA boss Mosley had to resign in conjunction with some fishy private porn movies.

Del Potro & Fernando Gonzalez had lost their semi finals at the French Open against Rooster Federer and Rat Soederling.

Rihanna has won two American Music Awards.


Chinese Horocope symbol Dragon Blog

Best years for Dragons

Success stories can certainly be written in the years of the Dragon and the Snake, as shown by the appointement of Paul Tagliabue as the new NFL Commissioner in 1989 and also by Bill Belichik, who became new head coach of the New England Patriots and their smart owner "Snake" Robert Kraft.

And in fact both got rewarded by their first Super Bowl win at the very end of the Snake year 2001/2002.

Also the Monkey Year had been very good for them, in which they had managed to win even two Super Bowls as there was no Super Bowl in the 2003 Goat year.

Chinese Horoscope charts

In the year of the Snake

Chinese Horoscope Dragon Paul Tagliabue

Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue and former ManCity manager Roberto Mancini had one of their biggest success moments during years of the Snake.


In the year of the Tiger

Chinese Horoscope Dragon Sylvia Kristel

Tiger years can be very extreme also for Dragons. But for example 1974 had been crucial for Sylvia Kristel with the release of her very first Emmanuelle movie.




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