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Manitoulin Canada
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Good bye to the Indian summer on gorgeous Manitoulin and tuning into another few hours drive on some constantly bigger getting roads while heading for Toronto.


Manitoulin, Canadanext button

Manitoulin Canada

And then on the way back to Toronto some very decent ferry had given a little time to rest.

But first some waiting had been required to allow observing the car park getting filled.

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Manitoulin Lake Superior

Again the Lake Superior had come across like an ocean but already the giant Canadian forest had been left behind on the way back to urban metropolis Toronto.

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Manitoulin Lake Superior

A wonderful journey that can truly be recommended to explore the wonderful people and nature of Canada.

One can not say, that it is a fully happy country.

Melancholy seems to be as big as the romantic side of this amazing world which shines bright and warm during the Indian summer.

All those who love winter and snow might also be well off in this beautiful part of the world, but when talking to Canadians it feels, that folks in the city as well as in the country would not mind at all if the winter could be made a little shorter.


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